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Stylish Bedroom Flooring

Practical Considerations When Selecting Stylish Bedroom Flooring

Looking to set the right mood, level of comfort, and aesthetic appeal in your bedroom? Our homes, especially our bedrooms, are a haven where we can relax, feel safe, and enjoy special moments with our loved ones. Creating a tranquil and calming atmosphere is essential within a bedroom; and the right bedroom flooring can offer warmth, comfort, and a greater sense of harmony. If you are seeking designs to create the ideal sanctuary in your home, we explore some essential tips to help you choose the best option.

Questions to Consider When Choosing Bedroom Flooring

Before you dive into a search, it’s helpful to review a few basic questions to help you clarify your wants and needs, and how to bridge the gap between them in the option you select. These questions include:

What is Your Style?

Consider the aesthetic you lean most toward and how you want to emphasise it in your room. If you are considering completely restyling the space, look at our Room Visualiser tool, which will help give you an idea of what our designs would look like within your bedroom. You can even display two products side by side to do a comparison.

Do You Have Maintenance Concerns?

Some flooring materials require more care than others, but the upside is that caring for these floors gives you exceptional performance that lasts for years. Consider how much time and effort you are willing to spend on upkeep and cleaning so that our professionals can point you toward superb options to suit your lifestyle needs.

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What are Your Budget Constraints?

When it comes to foundational infrastructure like floors, investing in the best you can afford is a good idea because the product’s value for money shows after a few years when it’s still performing well. That said, we have a range of products for any budget, so you can be sure you’re receiving exceptional style at competitive prices.

Who Uses the Bedroom?

Some people only use their bedrooms for sleeping, others spend more time there, whether studying, working, or just relaxing with some movies. The bedroom flooring you install will be influenced by who uses the room and how much foot traffic it receives. Bedrooms where pets are allowed will naturally acquire more wear and tear, and children’s bedrooms will require more durable floors too.

Types of Flooring Ideal for Bedrooms

While there are endless trending styles for bedrooms, there are three popular kinds of floors that South Africans love. First are wood-look laminates, which are exceptionally durable and offer the sophisticated appeal of hardwood floors without the high cost. Next, we have luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs), which, like laminates, come in various shades and styles and mimic natural materials like wood. LVTs are also ultra-comfortable underfoot and are typically more resistant to moisture. Carpets are another luxurious option for bedrooms because they add a cosy feel by warming up the room – which is especially appreciated in winter – and give the floors a plush walking surface. Carpeting is also excellent at dampening sound, which creates a quiet, tranquil environment.

To learn more about wood-look laminates, LVTs, carpeting, or any other types of bedroom flooring, speak to our friendly team today.

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