Kitchen Flooring Solutions

September 14, 2023

Enhance Your Home with Kitchen Flooring Solutions that Deliver Durability, Style, and Value for Money

Striking a balance between affordability, high performance, and seamless style is easy with the Top Carpets and Floors range of kitchen flooring. In the realm of interior design, the kitchen stands as a focal point of functionality and aesthetics. Below, we look at a few resilient, high-style kitchen flooring options – wood laminates, luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs), and SPC rigid board vinyl, each offering unique advantages. We’ll also help guide you through the decision-making process by offering professional insight and information.

Wood Laminates for Kitchen Flooring that Makes a Statement

If there is one product celebrated for its versatility and durability, it’s wood laminates. Laminate planks are manufactured with multiple layers, including a high-density fibreboard core, a realistic photographic layer that mimics the appearance of materials like wood, and a wear layer to protect each plank from scratches, abrasions, moisture, and fading. They are easy to install, affordable, and remain pristine with minimal upkeep. Though they feature moisture resistance, laminates are best protected with rugs or in kitchens with enough ventilation to prevent moisture build-up.

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Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVTs) for Resilience and High Performance in Busy Kitchens

Luxury Vinyl Tiles, often referred to as LVTs, have surged in popularity due to their remarkable ability to replicate the aesthetics of natural materials without any major drawbacks. LVTs are known for improved water resistance, making it an ideal choice for kitchens where splatters and messes are par for the course, and when these messes are cleaned up quickly, no harm should come to the flooring. LVTs’ durability and resilience make it suitable for high-traffic kitchens and provides a comfortable underfoot surface while preparing meals or washing dishes.

The Innovation of Luxury SPC Rigid Board Vinyl

SPC rigid boards are a newer addition to the kitchen flooring market, but they’ve made a significant impact with their ultra-tough engineering. The durable core contributes to their stability and resistance to impacts, which means they can endure dropped pots and high foot traffic. This solution is available in a diverse range of styles, including finishes that replicate hardwood and stone. The intricate detailing and realistic textures make them almost indistinguishable from the real thing to the untrained eye, and this is a superb product if you want to add long-term value to your home.

Choosing a Product Based on Your Needs

Choosing the perfect kitchen flooring for your home is possible, but there are a few essential features to consider first. The following factors will help you in narrowing your search:

  • Budget: Laminates and various vinyl flooring options are available in different price ranges, from more budget-friendly products to high-end designs.
  • Aesthetic Preference: Think about the overall style you want to achieve in your kitchen or the kind of décor you have. Thankfully, laminate and vinyl floors offer a wide array of designs and excel in emulating natural materials.
  • Expected Foot Traffic: If your kitchen endures heavy foot traffic due to a busy household, all three options are ultra-durable, especially laminates and SPC rigid board vinyl.
  • Water and Humidity: Kitchens are often hotspots for high humidity, spills, and splashes. Where moisture is a concern, SPC rigid boards are a winning option.

If you are curious about the range of these products available here at Top Carpets and Floors, try our Room Visualiser or talk to our friendly team today.

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