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Bedroom Carpets: Top 5 Trending Styles You Will Love

Bedrooms are so much more than just the room in which we sleep every night; they are a safe space and a sanctuary of privacy and relaxation. This room is so important that prospective buyers looking to invest in a new home often prioritise the look and feel of the bedrooms when deciding whether the property is worth it. It is a highly personal space, and so it needs to feel like home – cosy, warm and inviting. Carpeting is a fantastic way to redefine the space and give it some homely appeal, and with so many fantastic trends this season, you are spoilt for choice. We, at Top Carpets and Floors, understand the value a high-quality carpet installation can add to a home, which is why our selection features phenomenal brands and products. If you are looking to give your master suite or guest room a facelift, then these five styles of bedroom carpets may inspire you.

Bedroom Carpets

1. Wool Provides the Ultimate Luxury

Whether you choose a synthetic product or natural fibres, there are still ample options available on the market that will look beautiful when installed right. Wool carpeting, however, has a certain appeal for many homeowners because not only does it look opulent, but it also lasts a long time. Despite people thinking of wool as a delicate material, it is incredibly resilient and durable and can last decades when cared for in the right way. Wool bedroom carpets also retain their colour and don’t fade easily over the years, and it resists water-based stains well. It is highly breathable, remaining cool in the summer but offering excellent insulation against the winter cold, and it is recyclable and biodegradable, making it a sustainable option for bedroom carpets.

2. Using Colour to Emphasise Ambience

The clever use of colour is an important aspect in choosing the right floors, as it makes a big difference to the look and feel of a room. Some examples of using colour include:

· Going for richer, deeper shades that will give your bedroom depth and intensity, drawing the eye into the space.

· Lighter, brighter carpets will open up the room, making it feel more spacious. This is a good trick for smaller rooms.

· Hues like rich browns, umber and even burnt orange will all add warmth to a room, making it feel cosy and intimate.

· Carpets on the cooler colour spectrum, like soft greys, introduce an air of sophistication while maintaining tranquillity.

· Certain patterns, lines and contrasts can add dimension and trick the eye into thinking the room is larger too. Flat, plain colours create clean lines and are a great backdrop to more detailed décor in the bedroom.

3. Relaxing Neutrals

If you want to create a calming atmosphere, then keep your canvas (namely, your floors and walls) neutral. Neutral bedroom carpets are not statement furnishing, but they elevate and accentuate the statement pieces you do want to boost in the room. Muted shades like beiges, greys and quiet browns create a calming environment because the eye relaxes when resting upon these neutrals. Neutral does not need to mean boring, thankfully, and you can select luxuriously soft bedroom carpets that feel phenomenal underfoot and give the room a warm texture.

Bedroom Carpets

4. For Added Inspiration, Go Bold

Patterns are nothing to be feared, and even a bit of clashing contrasts add to a maximalist aesthetic which is trending. Some people may avoid bedroom carpets with louder patterns or brighter colours, but you will find there is no better way to brighten up a space. Whether you enjoy graphic patterns or geometric designs, you can introduce your personal flair to your room through wall-to-wall carpeting or even carpet tiles laid out in fun designs. If you want to turn your bedroom into liveable art, start with your floors.

5. Include Some Rugs to Add Interest

Rugs are just carpets without the long-term commitment. If you would like to test out the feel of comforting fibres underfoot or just warm up your room for the winter, a rug or two will make a great addition. They add texture and character to the room and can even be used to cover up unsightly damage to floors. The best part about rugs is that when you grow tired of the look, you can just roll them up and store them until you want to use them again. Rugs can even be used over carpeting if you feel your current bedroom carpets could use a little more personality.

A bedroom is not necessarily always a place with high foot traffic, but it is meant to be enjoyed. This means that style and feel are your most important considerations here, where durability would be more crucial in spaces like living rooms or hallways. As an expert flooring supplier, we at Top Carpets and Floors can assist you with picking out a few options that look great, feel superb and last for years. We even take on the installation for you, so you are guaranteed a seamless, beautiful final product that will match your vision.


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