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Laminate Wooden Flooring Made Easy

Choosing Laminate Wooden Flooring Made Easy – And What Factors to Consider

The market is all about laminate wooden flooring right now, but which product is best? We help you choose a fabulous option to bring your vision to life! If you are looking to transform your home into a haven of distinctive style that lasts for years, you will be happy to find an abundance of options available on the market – each with its own set of unique features. Fortunately, our professionals at Top Carpets and Floors are here to assist you in selecting a superb design and will ensure that you make an informed choice based on your taste, lifestyle, and budget.

Check the AC Rating on Laminate Wooden Flooring Designs

When making the switch to laminates, it’s important to understand AC ratings. The Abrasion Criteria (AC) rating on a laminate wooden flooring product is an internationally recognised classification. It represents how well the plank resists abrasions, impacts, wear, and staining – and it’s the only flooring product in the world featuring a uniform grading system. Higher AC ratings mean enhanced durability and performance, which translates to a product that will better withstand high foot traffic while maintaining its pristine appearance.

Figure Out What Style You Enjoy

Laminate wooden flooring offers the natural warmth and luxury of solid wood flooring without the high price, laborious installation, or high maintenance. This win-win-win product is also popular because it realistically emulates solid wood floors and there are countless styles available on the market today. This vast range gives you more than enough room to play with ideas, but if you are feeling overwhelmed with all the style options, we have the solution too. Our Room Visualiser tool allows you to find your dream floor by uploading an image of your room and trying out various floor options for a better idea of what our range will look like in your home. You are then free to pop into one of our stores across South Africa, have a look at samples, and chat with our friendly professionals.

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Installation is Just as Important as Brand

You could choose a high-end product from the best brand in South Africa, but it wouldn’t matter if you installed your product wrong. Laminate wooden flooring is easier to install than several other types of flooring, but it still looks best with the help of experienced pros. We offer professional installation services with guarantees, and we ensure to install products per the manufacturer’s requirements to ensure value for money on the customer’s end.

Think About Where You Want New Floors

If you have spotted a product in our range you simply adore and can’t wait to install, be sure to speak to our consultants first. Not all laminates perform the same in every room. For instance, while laminate wooden flooring offers some moisture resistance, it should not be installed in a room with high humidity levels, such as a bathroom. This is where we can assist you in finding alternatives that align with your style, needs, and finances while ensuring you make a choice with which you are truly satisfied.

Partner with Top Carpets and Floors as Your Laminate Flooring Specialists

If you’re currently weighing up long-term value versus your available budget, we can help you find a great product that strikes the balance. Our range includes everything from budget-friendly options to high-end designs and everything in between. For a world-class range and phenomenal services, allow us to exceed your expectations by contacting us here.

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