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The Hottest Flooring Trends for 2023 Have Hit the Press

We are well into 2023 and many of us are eager to embrace change and transformation, and these exciting flooring trends are the perfect solution! Changing up your surroundings is not only a great way to refresh the rooms in your home, but it will refresh your perspective on your life too. To help ease you into some of this season’s most eye-catching trends, we guide you through simple ways that you can incorporate them into your home. The best part is that as an experienced supplier with decades of expertise behind our name, we bring you trending designs that maintain a timeless appeal – so you can be sure your floors will stay on trend for years to come.

Flooring Trends Are Subject to Your Taste

It is important to remember that no matter how much seasonal styles change, your preferences always take precedence. When deciding which flooring is best for your home, there are several factors to keep in mind, such as how much traffic your floors receive, the kind of cleaning and maintenance routine you can accommodate and where the product will be installed. Our consultants are highly trained and will assist you in selecting a sophisticated design that brings out the best in your home and represents who you are as a homeowner. We also keep in mind factors such as sustainability, which has become a major focus area for consumers in the last few years. Whether you want something that is eco-friendly or if you’re seeking affordable luxury, our vast range will have what you’re looking for.

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Golden Metallic Hues for Luxury and Warmth

Bold is back, but it’s about more than a pop of colour in 2023. This year’s flooring trends are meant to cater specifically to that over-the-top sense of luxury and the lively, energetic hues often seen in the art deco style. It’s all about first impressions that belt “ta-da!” when one first enters a room, and we see everything from furnishings to flooring dripping in opulence. Golden hues are making a big re-entry onto the scene, and luxe flooring such as plush carpeting is the perfect way to complement décor geared for glamour. Deep, rusty browns and amber shades with interesting detailing are perfect. The Ganache and Serengeti carpet ranges are both superb examples of designs that tie in well with golden-hued décor.

Cleaner Wooden Grains

Country chic and the rustic, vintage look will always be fan favourites, but we are seeing consumers moving towards a subtler aesthetic. Wood-look laminates, vinyl and engineered wood are sought after and, instead of the muted greys that have been popular these past few years, we are seeing a return to lighter, blonder shades that suit a variety of styles. Of course, nobody would fault the homeowner who still adores their cool greys and white-washed, beached wood look because this still looks marvellous.

Checkerboard Floors on a Budget

People always fall back into tradition, and a lot of popular flooring trends right now are spinning a new twist on luxury designs of the past. One such option is checkerboard floors. As DIY endeavours become easier and more accessible, homeowners are even painting their hardwood planks in a checkerboard style, but there are other ways to do it affordably. If you are looking to install new floors without paying for expensive solid wood planks, then laminates and engineered wood are great options. Simply purchase the same board design in two or three gradient shades and have them installed in a checkerboard fashion to create a stylish contrast.

Get the Tiled Look Without Any Tiling

Stone tiles are one of the latest flooring trends, and they are stunning – but they come with a few severe disadvantages. Firstly, they can last decades, which doesn’t allow much of an opportunity to change your flooring in the long run. They’re not easy or cheap to replace, and if a single tile cracks or breaks, the entire floor needs redoing. Fortunately, there are a few alternatives to cater to the current trend. Stone plastic composite (SPC) flooring is the latest innovation in durable, cost-friendly flooring that emulates everything from stone and ceramic tiles to gorgeous marble floors.

Use the 2023 Pantone Shade for Inspiration

Every year, Pantone’s naming of the “colour of the year” sets major trends across continents. This year, Pantone’s winning pick is the breathtaking Viva Magenta 18-1750. This vibrant hue falls within the red family and expresses courage, energy, joy and rebellion. Because it is such a strong shade, people may wish to incorporate the shade into their homes in small doses, such as with throw pillows and decorative cushions, or a vase or other ornaments. Those who wish to go bolder, however, can find rugs such as the Plettenbergbaai design in the Coastline Rugs range from Hertex, which will complement the shade well. Other complementary shades include greens, purples and even blacks and dark blues.

Want to find out how to draw these flooring trends into your home? Talk to our expert consultants today or visit us at a Top Carpets and Floors store near you.

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