6 Mistakes While Choosing New Flooring Solutions

June 12, 2023

Are You Making These 6 Mistakes While Choosing New Flooring Solutions? Find Out Before It’s Too Late!

New floors completely change the look and feel of a space, which is why it’s so essential to partner with experts when seeking first-class flooring solutions. Choosing new floors can be challenging because there is so much to consider – from the type of flooring material to the design, shade and texture. With Top Carpets and Floors, fortunately, you don’t have to go through the process alone. We have a stunning selection of products, such as those in our sought-after Designer Collection, and you can trust that we will always put your needs first. If you are currently searching for exceptional offerings, these tips will help you avoid costly mistakes.

We Offer Flooring Solutions Praised for Superior Performance and Elegant Design

Our Designer Collection boasts outstanding style and quality. This selection is all about exceptional performance and unmatched aesthetic appeal, ideal for any space. We have many options, from wood laminates and artificial grass to carpets, rugs, and wood-look vinyl. Whether you want to enhance your home’s beauty or add value to your property, our flooring solutions have just what you’re seeking. If you are looking for some inspiration on interesting flooring ideas, click here.

1. Worrying About Form Over Function

Of the most common mistakes people make when choosing floors, neglecting practical needs in favour of aesthetics happens rather often. Different rooms serve varying purposes and, as a result, demand distinct products. A bathroom, for example, requires waterproof flooring to combat the ever-present threat of moisture damage, while a living room necessitates a comfortable and durable option. Neglecting to consider a room’s function when selecting new floors can lead to costly repairs and replacements all too soon. Before diving headfirst into a purchase, ensure to list the room’s functional requirements first.

2. Forgetting About Your Lifestyle and Daily Habits

Your lifestyle is crucial in determining the type of flooring solutions you should choose. Failing to consider the needs of your household means that you might select a product incompatible with your home – and it won’t last long. If you have pets or high-traffic areas, or if you have a specialised room like a home gym, your floors will inevitably experience a lot of wear and tear. If you are unsure about which lifestyle factors you should be considering, chat with us for some guidance.

3. Only Viewing the Products in Store

Solely viewing flooring samples in-store before buying may not be the best approach to making an informed decision. The lighting and décor in a store are likely significantly different to that of your home, and what might seem like the perfect idea in the showroom may not look as harmonious in your own space. Taking samples home can help you see how the flooring will match your furniture, wall colours and other design elements, ensuring that your chosen product complements your overall décor. We also offer a Room Visualiser tool, which can give you a more accurate picture of what our products will look like in your home. This tool lets you digitally see how our designs will appear in your rooms, which is helpful in choosing between options.

4. Trying to Save Money with Low-quality Products

Saving money by opting for flooring solutions of lower quality is a viable choice for some, but this decision can ultimately become an expensive mistake. Choosing inferior quality when it comes to a product, brand or supplier might mean frequent repairs or replacements down the road. The best way to avoid such pitfalls? Choose high-quality designs, such as those offered in our range. By investing in durable and long-lasting flooring, you can ensure the performance and longevity of the installation.

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5. Failure to Plan for Future Maintenance

Maintenance requirements should always be considered when selecting new floors. Different types of flooring solutions come with varying levels of maintenance needs. Hardwood floors require regular refinishing and resealing to maintain their appearance, and many don’t realise the amount of upkeep it requires upon initial installation. On the other hand, wood-look vinyl flooring or laminates are a low-maintenance option that only needs occasional cleaning to keep them looking sharp. Before settling on new floors, it is crucial to factor in the maintenance requirements and select a flooring option that matches your lifestyle.

6. Neglecting Professional Expertise

One of the most common flooring blunders is not seeking expert advice. No matter if you’re on a tight budget or want to splurge a little on luxury flooring, professionals like our team at Top Carpets and Floors will guide you through the options available to find the perfect fit for your needs. Along with a world-class selection of designs, we assist with professional installations that include extensive subfloor preparation in line with the manufacturer’s requirements for our flooring solutions. We will also provide invaluable insight on maintenance and use, ensuring your investment performs as it should.

Don’t let a flooring disaster ruin your décor dreams! Contact us today for assistance in selecting the best options to suit you – your feet and wallet will ultimately thank you.

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