With more than 100 000 installations each year we strive to ensure that we exceed your expectations by providing you with seamless and efficient service.


Where can we find your exclusive ranges?

Please see our Designer Collection

Can we view some of your installations for clients?
Please look for the branch you will be working with and click on installations
What are your most durable yet price effective products available?

On the residential side – all our tufted polyprop ranges which are durable and comes in at an affordable price

On the commercial side – Belgotex Berber Point 650 x 920 as well as Van Dyck Florpoint & Powder Point (easy to install and maintain)

How long is your quotation valid for?

14 days provided there are no price increases.

Does your company have in-house teams or do you sub-contract?

We have in-house installation teams with guaranteed workmanship. It’s only when there is specialised scope of work that we would consider outsourcing to sub-contractors (we have a few preferred and trusted teams we work with regularly).

How soon should we vacuum our carpet after it is installed?

Immediately and as often as possible. For more maintenance info please see our maintenance guide

Can I clean my carpet with Sunlight liquid or any other dishwashing liquid

Yes, please see our Stain First Aid section for more information .

What is the best way to clean a spill or mark out of a carpet?

Generally water and a clean cloth should do the job. Adding a little white vinegar may help with dissolving some of the oils and stains. Please consult our Stain First Aid section for more comprehensive stain removal instructions.