Sustainable Flooring Options

August 23, 2023

Choose Sustainable Flooring Options that Embrace Eco-friendly Living

Sustainable flooring options are not just a trend anymore – they’re a lifestyle commitment that consumers are seeking, and we’re here to assist. Eco-conscious consumer choices are more than just the label; they represent how customers look for brands and products dedicated to prioritising the planet. Living sustainably can be tricky, but with so many options now available, finding the best product to suit your needs is easier than ever. In 2021, a survey on sustainability commissioned by Mastercard revealed that 98% of South African adults would take personal action when combating the climate change crisis. 76% of the respondents felt that it was important for brands to put the planet first, while an astounding 45% said they give more value to companies that act responsibly and honestly. This means that a large portion of South Africa’s consumers are on the lookout for eco-friendly products, including sustainable flooring options.

How to Choose Between Sustainable Flooring Styles

There are several ways to examine the environmental impact of your chosen floors. First is the manufacturing process, whether the product is made from renewable resources, and what chemicals and techniques are used to make the design. Some products require energy-intensive manufacturing processes that contribute to a higher carbon footprint. Next, one must consider what installation methods are needed, how long the product lasts, and whether it is recyclable once removed. Certain products on the market may also affect the health and hygiene of your home because they may be susceptible to mould and mildew or affect air quality once installed. With these factors in mind, it is crucial to partner with a reliable supplier who can assist you with your questions and concerns when it comes to eco-friendly floors. We at Top Carpets and Floors go the extra mile to select only the best brands with a reputation for ethical practices and products of superior quality.

Preventing the Depletion of Natural Resources

One of the most important reasons for choosing sustainable flooring options is preserving the planet’s natural resources. Thankfully, several eco-friendly options are on the market, such as wood-look laminates or even luxury vinyl tiles. These options emulate the appearance of solid timber floors without the need for hardwood planks that entail mass deforestation for their production. Another renewable resource is wool and options such as the Angora design which are ideal for anyone seeking luxury and warmth from this environmentally friendly option.

eco friendly flooring

Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

The journey to a greener lifestyle includes reducing air pollution – for the sake of one’s health and that of the planet. Unfortunately, subpar flooring brands that use low-quality production methods are often associated with higher levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The release of toxins into the air through the off-gassing of VOCs diminishes air quality and contributes to allergies and respiratory issues. Look for options free from high levels of VOCs so that your household can enjoy a healthier indoor environment that reduces the risk of harmful health concerns down the road.

Minimising as Much Waste as Possible

We live in a “throw-away” culture, where anything deemed useless gets thrown in the trash and forgotten. Unfortunately, this burdens landfills, which continue to pile up with waste and negatively impact the environment. Regarding reducing waste generation, “modular” flooring, such as click-lock planks and even carpet tiles, is wise. They allow homeowners to replace singular planks and tiles when they receive damage without replacing the entire floor. This replacement also requires minimal effort in the case of wood laminates, luxury vinyl tiles, and carpet tiles.

Lower Your HVAC Energy Bill and Carbon Footprint

Believe it or not, your flooring can play an essential role in how much energy your home uses. Your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system can cost a significant amount every summer and winter, but the right sustainable flooring options are a great solution that will help you save money while saving the planet. Certain flooring styles offer exceptional insulation and thermal efficiency, and some even suit radiant heating systems by better transferring heat into the room. If you are seeking sustainable flooring options that act as a barrier that prevents heat loss in winter or keeps your home cool in the summer, we can assist you with outstanding options currently on the market.

Our range of designs means you don’t have to compromise on quality, style, or function when seeking sustainable flooring options. To speak to us about it, get in touch today.

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