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Professional vs DIY Blinds Installation: What’s the Right Choice for You?

DIY blind installation might sound like a brilliant idea, and if you’re trained in installing blinds and treating windows, then go right ahead. However, if you’ve never embarked on the blind installation process, it might be best to consider professional vs DIY blinds installation first. While we are well-known for our premium flooring solutions at Top Carpets and Floors, our specialised blinds division, Designer Blinds, supplies a range of beautiful blinds and shutters to further enhance your home. Our professional installers can offer expert advice on the best type of blinds for your space and ensure that all your expectations are met. When you choose quality blinds, it’s best to invest in quality installation.

What to Watch Out for with a DIY Blinds Installation

When it comes to the debate of whether a professional vs DIY blinds installation is the best option, it is always wise to follow the professional route. However, it is possible to do DIY blinds installations if you are up for the task. Unfortunately, there are significant downsides if you aren’t an experienced professional. A few considerations to keep in mind include:

  • Wrong measurements: One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to DIY blinds installations is shoddy measurements. If you don’t know what you are measuring, things can go horribly wrong. This results in customers purchasing blinds that end up being far too big or small. Not only does this waste money, but it also renders the new blinds useless in the space.
  • It takes time: Another consideration is that of time. Time is a hugely precious commodity in the modern world, especially for working professionals who are trying to juggle family life and careers. DIY blinds installations take time if you want to ensure a quality job. From the measuring process through to the actual nitty-gritty of the installation, these projects will take several hours at best. Moreover, if you don’t already have the necessary tools and equipment (like stepladders, drills, and screws), you’ll also have to factor in the time spent purchasing or borrowing them.
  • No warranty: Another downfall of the do-it-yourself approach is the lack of a warranty. When you purchase blinds from a quality supplier like our Designer Blinds division and opt for expert installation, you can enjoy a generous warranty. In the unlikely event that your blinds break, you’ll be under contract and thus won’t have to fork out a fortune on replacement or repair. If, however, you choose to do the job yourself, you’ll forgo this advantage.
  • DIY can be costly: While professional installation services come with a fee, they can actually save clients cash in the long run. Expert installation maximises the longevity of your blinds, ensuring that they function optimally for many years to come. Opting for professional installation will usually put your blinds under a warranty, meaning that repairs will be far more cost-effective.
  • Impacts the aesthetic: Be wary of the impact that a poor installation job can have on your home’s aesthetic. Blinds are statement pieces in any room, and gorgeous quality models paired with professional installations can elevate and refresh your space’s décor. However, if, for example, blinds are not properly lined up or the wrong-sized brackets have been used, they can immediately make a room look unfinished and shabby. Luckily, precision is assured when you work with our team, meaning that your room’s aesthetic will boast elegance and style. You might also enjoy browsing our premium flooring solutions if you want to boost your room’s appeal and modernise the space. Once again, expert installation is always advised for both floors and blinds.


If you are considering trying your hand at installing your new blinds yourself, bear these considerations in mind and make sure to account for potential pitfalls. Otherwise, choose expert blinds installation instead as it not only guarantees precision and excellence but also protects your wallet in the event of any damage. While you might pay a little more upfront for this service, you’ll save down the line, safe in the knowledge that your new window coverings will be protected, and their lifespan enhanced.

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Explore Our Dynamic Designer Blinds Range

We have a wide range of blinds and shutters available for clients in an array of styles, materials, textures, and hues. Our top offerings include the following:

  • Venetian
  • Roller
  • Custom Vertical
  • Wooden Venetian
  • Plaswood Venetian
  • Honeycomb
  • Automated/Motorised
  • Shutters

We have in-depth knowledge of our various product offerings and are always available to assist clients in finding their dream blinds. For added convenience, we offer swatches for those who want to see the blind fabric in real life and get a feel for how it would appear in their unique space. Simply request a design swatch and choose your favourite type of bind, colour, and texture, and we will send it your way. Our repair service, available on all our blinds, takes care of most blind damage, as we believe that it can be repaired rather than replaced entirely.

For more information on our various products and service offerings,  send us a message or find your nearest store via our store locator. We have 58 stores nationwide across the major provinces, making acquiring your dream blinds a tangible reality. Alternatively, give us a call at 087 236 6304 or send us an email at

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