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Flooring Installation: Why You Should Never Skimp on This Step

After extensive research and deliberation, you’ve found your ideal floor, but have you considered professional flooring installation? Maybe you’ve opted for a classic wood laminate, or perhaps you’ve decided on wood-look vinyl (LVTs). Whatever flooring solution you’ve chosen for your office or home, it’s time to think about the most critical step in the flooring journey – quality flooring installation. You type in “easy flooring installation tips” on your browser, and you are overwhelmed with hundreds of videos and tutorials about how best to lay your new floor. Expert flooring installers make it look pretty easy; however, after much research, you realise that this step can be incredibly intricate. Not only do you need to purchase or rent a host of tools, but one small error or mistake could cost you much money in repairs and a great deal of time.

Why You Should Never Skimp on Professional Flooring Installation

Purchasing quality flooring for your home is a huge investment, and, if installed correctly, it can significantly enhance the value and aesthetic appeal of your home. So, why exactly is flooring installation so necessary, and why shouldn’t you skimp on this vital step? When you opt for professional flooring installation, you essentially maximise the lifespan of your floor. Flooring installers are well-versed in every facet of the flooring installation process, from installing the underlayment correctly to ensuring that all wood laminates or floor tiles fit the room precisely. The type of underlayment (or subfloor) will depend largely on the flooring material you choose and the existing base on which it will be laid.

When installing wood laminates on concrete bases or a base prone to moisture, it’s advisable to use a moisture barrier to protect the flooring. If this step is skimped on, trouble can ensue when moisture damage wreaks havoc on your new floor. Professional installers will analyse the base level prior to installation and choose the best underlayment for the particular room.

While investing in professional flooring installation might seem like an unnecessary cost, it can actually save a great deal of money down the line. Moreover, with professional installation, you’re also entitled to a guarantee. A guarantee assures you that your floor will last for many years and that you won’t have to fork out money at a later stage if something goes wrong. Investing in professional flooring installation also ensures correct preparation of the room and high-quality subfloor solutions. For flooring to last, it’s paramount that the subfloor is laid correctly. It must always be flat, clean, and dry to ensure the best results.

Quality flooring installation is non-negotiable if longevity, a perfect finish and low maintenance of your new floor are high on your priority list. Professional installation will take care of the technicalities and key considerations of laying the surface, so you can enjoy your new floor without experiencing the consequences of a DIY job gone wrong.

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Choose Top Carpets and Floors as Your Quality Flooring and Installation Supplier

When you work with our professional installers, peace of mind and precision is guaranteed. At Top Carpets and Floors, we aren’t about half measures. We are passionate about quality flooring and top-notch installation services to ensure you can enjoy the maximum benefits from your new floor. When clients opt for our five-star installation, they can enjoy the following advantages: 

  • One-million Rand Installation Guarantee: We believe in the superb quality and value of our products and want to honour our loyal clients with our R1 million guarantee. If a customer is unhappy with the flooring product or installation, we will merit external adjudication to determine whether a replacement is necessary. If we are found to be at fault, we will fix the problem up to the value of one million Rand (in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.)
  • Two-year Installation Guarantee: All domestic flooring installations will get a two-year installation guarantee as long as the floor has been adequately cared for and maintained. We believe in our expert installation team’s capabilities and are confident in their skills and proficiency when it comes to installing floors. Our installation guarantee enhances peace of mind and client trust. 
  • Healthier Living Solutions: Our healthier living installations are one of the best ways to enrich your floor’s lifespan and benefit the whole family’s health. Unfortunately, low-grade subfloors can cause many health issues, creating a damp breeding ground for bacteria and microbial allergens. To avoid these dangers, we use a high-grade, pre-installation flooring treatment. This treatment prevents the build-up of mould, mildew, bacteria, or allergens and ensures that the floor is laid on a hygienic and safe base. Our Spillguard underlay is also 100% waterproof, adding to the longevity of your new floor and preventing future moisture damage.

 Expert Flooring Installations Accompanied by Premium Products

Proper flooring installation is equally as important as investing in premium floors. Our installation experts are always on hand to help you out and will offer professionalism, precision, and excellent service to every client. For more information, send us a message, and we will gladly be in touch.

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