8 Ways Blinds and Shutters Are Better Than Curtains

January 8, 2020

Nowadays, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to window dressings. Windows are both a prominent feature of any property, as well as a functional addition meant to control light and airflow. With a variety of solutions available, it is completely up to you to decide how you want to treat your windows. Curtains have mostly been the popular, traditional choice for many homes in South Africa. However, we have a few reasons why you may want to consider blinds and shutters instead.

Not only do blinds and shutters provide you with a great way to modernise your home and give it a fresh lease on life, but it also holds a number of many practical benefits that will make curtains seem like an archaic relic:

It provides great interior décor options

Whatever your preferred style – whether it is modern, classic, rustic or urban – there are blinds and shutters available that will perfectly match your taste. Blinds and shutters are available in a great variety of designs and materials, so you can choose a more natural, wooden look, an ultra-modern, sleek steel option, or a variety of options in between.

It is great for light control

Blinds and shutters are both specifically designed to be adjustable, thereby allowing you to control the amount of light you let into your room. Enjoy a light and airy space with a single flick, or choose a more solid option to achieve a blackout effect, suitable for bedrooms or television rooms.

It provides exceptional privacy

Curtains are usually either open or closed, and you need an additional see-through layer to keep out prying eyes. Unlike curtains, blinds and shutters can still provide you with complete privacy, even when set to let in light or air, making it a great choice for the modern home.

It is easier to clean

Cleaning curtains is a task and a half. You have to take them down, fit them in a washing machine or have them dry cleaned, and then struggle to hang them back up again. With blinds and shutters, the cleaning process is as simple as wiping the slats with a damp cloth. Just a few minutes and you are done!

It is less prone to collecting dust

Curtains are notorious for capturing dust particles. This can be especially irritating to those who have a dust allergy. Blinds and shutters do not collect dust in the same way and, as mentioned in the previous point, are much easier to rid of dust if and when necessary.

It is more affordable

You obviously want the best for you home, in line with what your budget allows. Quality curtains can become very expensive, especially when you have to have them custom-made to fit odd-sized windows. Blinds and shutters offer a more affordable option, while still maintaining the highest quality.

It takes up less space

Blinds and shutters are made to fit a window space perfectly. This takes up much less space than curtains when one considers the space around a window required for the hanging and tying back of curtains. This is a great benefit for smaller spaces and living areas where space is at a premium.

It is much easier to install

While they look great once up, curtains can be challenging to hang. Blinds and shutters, on the other hand, are very easy and quick to install, and there is no need to remove and rehang them once they are up.

Considering the benefits of choosing blinds and shutters it might be time to ditch the curtains. Check out Designer Blinds, a division of Top Carpets and Floors, to view our stunning collection of affordable designer blinds and shutters, available in a wide range of colours and finishes.

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