Blinds for Your Living Room

What Is the Best Type of Blinds for Your Living Room?

Blinds and shades are making waves in the interior décor world again because they are easy to use, easy to clean and give any room seamless style.

You will find several options on the market, and many might not be to your taste, but knowing where to look is key.

We at Designer Blinds have a wide range of window coverings for sale, and if you are seeking the best type of blinds for your living room, then this is where you want to be.

Choosing a type that works with your aesthetic is easy – our range is customisable, and we have a vast selection of swatches from which to choose. Your next step in choosing the best options for your living room is to consider essential factors like your budget and lifestyle requirements.

Having a Realistic Budget

If you haven’t updated any furnishings within your living room recently, you may not have the best idea of what blinds and shades cost. Shopping around is a good idea but finding a supplier that you know will always offer exceptional quality is essential. With us, you have peace of mind in knowing that we always put your requirements first. Our tailored products are made to measure, and our bespoke services are aimed at accommodating your needs. If you have a set budget to work with, we can help you find suitable options.

Think About How Much Light Control You Want

The best type of blinds for your living room is a product that suits your practical requirements. Light control is a major consideration when choosing your window coverings for a few reasons. Firstly, not everyone enjoys too much light. A dimmer living room is preferred for those with sensitive eyes or homeowners who enjoy the ambience created by softer lighting. Some homeowners also have floors, carpeting, rugs, and other furnishings that would suffer under the brunt of direct sunlight. If you have a home cinema and enjoy watching movies or catching up on the latest series, shutting the light out of the room offers a more immersive viewing experience. Most blinds have overlapping slats that block out light completely when closed or let light in fully when open. Shades are another option as buyers can choose a type of fabric that filters most light out, while still letting some in. Block-out fabrics, on the other hand, completely shut the sun out.

Is Complete Privacy Important to You?

For some, lighting isn’t an issue – but nosy neighbours are. If you would like to keep your home private, blinds and shades are a great option. They are easy to operate, and, within seconds, your living room will go from bright and open to private and cosy. It is for this reason that blinds are preferred for other areas of the home too, such as bathrooms, at-home gyms, and office spaces for those who work from home.

Do You Want Your Home to Be Thermally Efficient?

If your home tends to get very cold in the winter or quite hot in the summer, the best type of blinds for your living room is a product made with an insulating material. When closed, it can trap warmth within your home or keep the harsh sun out. There are also specialised options that are uniquely manufactured to regulate room temperature, which is perfect for seasonal changes in South Africa. This is an intelligent way to save on your heating and air conditioning bills while living a greener lifestyle.

Blinds for Your Living Room

You Can Automate Yours Too

Smart home solutions are trending. Several features of your home are automated and running a household becomes so much easier. Automated blinds and shades can be integrated with your smart home system, and, at the touch of a button, you can control your lighting and level of privacy. This type of product is also cordless, which is the best option if you have small children within your home.

The Type of Blinds We Have Available

Choosing the best type of blinds for your living room is tricky, but you cannot go wrong when you shop from a range of superior products. Our collection includes just about every trending type of window covering on the market, such as:

  • Aluminium Venetian products are lightweight and ultra-easy to use. These are the best type for homeowners who enjoy a modern aesthetic and have a smaller budget.
  • Roller blinds come in custom fabrics for the ultimate in design versatility.
  • Vertical blinds give you the freedom of complete light control while leaving your living room looking streamlined and elegant.
  • Wooden Venetian products are for anyone who enjoys the natural, inviting aesthetic of wood.
  • Plaswood Venetian products are eco-friendly and designed with the South African climate in mind.
  • Honeycomb designs are best at room insulation because they are built with pockets that trap heat and regulate the temperature in your living room.
  • Motorised/automated products can be controlled with a remote, making your life more efficient.
  • Shutters are another type of window covering made from wood or composite materials. Wooden shutters are classic and ideal for homeowners who want to paint their window coverings to match their living room.

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