6 Things a Professional Knows That You Don’t

July 16, 2018

A professional blinds installation can instantly transform every room in your home and is also a great way to improve the value of your home. Rooms which previously looked dark and pokey will get a burst of life, areas will suddenly appear bigger or cosier, and your home’s curb appeal will double overnight.

To really experience all the benefits and get the value boost your home deserves, we recommend you consider a professional blinds installation.

Here are 6 reasons why:

  1. Advice: By getting a trained eye on-board you can tap into their expertise from the word go. There are many styles and designs available, so why not ask advice on what is best suited to your home? By inviting a professional to visit your home, you can get the top tips on which styles will work best. With in-depth knowledge about the manufacture and functionality of blinds, a specialist will know which styles and materials are best suited for each living area.
  2. Measurement: This is very important when it comes to a blinds installation. If your measurements are slightly incorrect, it will affect the overall look once the installation is complete. Someone who is skilled at installation will ask the right questions and then measure accordingly. They can also recommend solutions to tricky window sizes or help you create a unique look.
  3. Product knowledge: Blinds must be suited to the environment in which you are going to install them. Different materials are used in manufacturing for good reason; to ensure they remain beautiful for years to come. A specialist will give you advice on moisture-prone areas, like kitchens and bathrooms and rooms which get a lot of sun.
  4. Time: Too many DIY projects have ended in regret, especially due to the time these can take. What seemed like a simple job when you started out can easily turn into a lot more work than expected. This will not happen with a professional team. Professional installers know about blinds and windows and can fit blinds to any custom window, quickly and easily. If you want to enjoy your windows sooner rather than later, a professional blinds installation is definitely highly recommended.
  5. Tools: You will need the proper tools to get the job done. Why go to that expense when you can get a specialist company to do the installation for you? With the right skills and toolbox, your blinds will be up in no time at all.
  6. Troubleshooting: If you are doing the job yourself and hit a snag, it could take ages to resolve if you do not really know what you are dealing with. As we mentioned, incorrect measurements are often the culprit here. You may also not have anticipated the frail structure of the window itself or the fact that the cord or wand needs to be accessible. A professional will manoeuvre around problems like these with ease.

Give your choice of blinds the royal treatment with a professional blinds installation from Designer Blinds, a division of Top Carpets and Floors.

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