5 Ways Blinds Can Complement Your Living Room

April 25, 2017

With windows being nothing more than viewing spaces into the home or out of it, they only acquire character once dressed. Windows in the living room, if simply furnished as an afterthought, will negatively affect the ambience and aesthetic appeal of the living room.

Of course, you can apply curtains, but with the stunning range of elegant designer blinds available today, why compromise on the atmosphere of the living room if you could, at an affordable price, provide a superior finishing touch? Below are five ideas on how blinds can complement your living room décor:

Combine Roman Blinds with Curtains
If you prefer having a fuller look on the window, you can combine Roman blinds with curtains for a full-layered appearance. With blinds available in various fabrics, patterns, textures, and designs, you can create a unique look and feel that will fit the particular style of your living room furnishings.

Pleat is Neat
Pleated designer blinds can be selected in place of the more conventional Roman blind for a softer feel to the window décor, which has the same light-filtering properties that add warmth to the living room. With this type of blind, you will also have the benefit of additional insulation to keep the living room temperature more constant.

Bring Venice into Your Home
Venetian blinds are still as popular today as ever. The timeless elegance of Venetian blinds makes them well-suited to modern homes, especially if you want a glossy appearance to add a hint of glamour. Available in exciting colours such as red or burgundy for a contemporary touch, or metallic shades of copper and gold, and even wooden styles, Venetian blinds are considered exceptionally trendy and versatile.

However, trendiness is not the only factor to consider. Venetian blinds are well-suited to larger windows and because of their ease of operation, you have the convenience of optimal light control with little effort. The modern types can even be applied where you need the luxury window treatment to follow the curve of a bay window.

Roll in Privacy
Roller blinds are neat and very modern. If you are looking for a clean look and feel for a room, including the living room space, choose stylish roller blinds. Various textures, colours, and fabric choices are available. Roller blinds provide the ultimate means for blocking out sun, vehicle lights and sound, and for improving the privacy profile of the space.

These blinds are perfect for blocking late-afternoon sun from causing reflections on the television screen or sun rays from damaging your stylish and expensive furnishings. You can even choose a style specifically to create a softer appearance whilst still benefiting from ultimate neatness.

Motorised Blinds
Nothing says “future” like motorised blinds. With it you can control opening and closing, the amount of light you allow in, and the level of privacy you need with the push of a button. This is the perfect solution for the modern smart home.

Where to Get Them

The next question is where to shop for such and many other types of blinds to compliment your living room. The answer is to buy from the designer blinds stores of Top Carpets& Floors, where we offer a wide range of luxury window treatments at affordable prices.

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