Liven Up Your House with a Few Rugs

April 12, 2016

Wall to wall carpeting was the norm for many years, but in recent times this has become less prevalent in modern homes. Old wooden floors are making a comeback in the houses of the rich, while tiling and laminate flooring are very popular options in many modern homes due to the ease of installation and the low cost of maintenance.

While all of these offer very durable and aesthetically pleasing flooring solutions, it does often make a room seem colder – literally and figuratively. This certainly does not mean that you want to replace the current hard surface flooring with wall to wall carpeting, but there are a number of benefits in investing in a few decent rugs.

Rugs have the ability to create a coherent structure in a room. In a way it seems to bind all the furniture together like a golden thread, making the room seem more complete and much cosier. It definitely also helps to retain heat by providing a barrier between your feet and the cold, hard floor. Concerning sound, it also assists in letting a room seem less hollow by absorbing some of the sound.

Apart from its practical functionality, rugs can also help you breathe a bit of new life into a room. There are numerous different designs, colours and textures available, so there is bound to be one that suits your taste and décor. Use a rug to add a bit of colour to a dull room, or to link different colour furniture together.

While there are many shops that sell beautiful rugs, it is always wise to buy from a trusted supplier. Top Carpets and Floors has been around for over two decades, helping South Africans find the perfect flooring solutions for their homes and workplaces. We offer a wide selection of modern, Persian wool and other rugs in all shapes and sizes. In addition, our expert staff members are ready to help you with professional advice regarding issues such as colour and texture choices. Contact Top Carpets and Floors today to find the perfect solution to all your flooring needs.

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