Buy Rugs Online – Click Your Way to a Rug-Sweet Home

Rugs are a wonderful way to make a statement and give your home distinctive ambience. If you are a rug lover but a cautious rug shopper, you may not yet have ventured into online rug shopping. In fact, online shopping, in general, had to wait patiently to gain traction in the marketplace.

When it was first introduced, the concept was just too alien to many consumers, especially those who are pernickety about their home décor. They wanted to look at, touch, and feel an item; something tangible that, once in their hands, would either scream, “Take me home!” or “No, I won’t fit into your home!”.

The tide has turned, however, and today’s consumers love speed and convenience. They are not nearly as fazed as they might once have been some years ago about what they are shopping for online, because online shopping has delivered in a big way. Buying rugs online need not put you in a state of angst. Top Carpets & Floors offers online rug shopping and we would like to get your excited about the experience.

4 Top Tips from Our Experts for Buying Rugs Online


Think about the comings and goings in the area where you want to place the rug. Entrance halls and passages are generally high-traffic areas; living rooms are full of life and, a lot of the time, children; and bedrooms take on a more personalised feel and experience less foot traffic. These factors should determine the style and pile of rug you choose. Formal areas, like dining rooms or lounges, lend themselves beautifully to a vintage feel, or to overdyed and distressed rugs – as statement pieces, rather than functional foot-traffic rugs. And, while a rug in the entrance hall may have to be durable and hard-wearing, this rug shoulders a double responsibility, because it should also set the tone as it welcomes your guests inside.


Think about your own personal style, as this will help you to narrow down your choices. Remember, the rug you choose should complement what else is in the room, not clash with it. There is nothing wrong with being bold when it comes to rug choices, but make sure what you choose will work well with the rest of the décor in the room. Make no mistake, a gorgeous statement rug can take a dull room to the next level!


You want your rug to stand the test of time and look beautiful for years to come. Make sure you understand the care instructions of the rug you choose and that these will suit your lifestyle, and work well in the area in which you are placing the rug.


A traditional rule of thumb is that there should be around 45 cm between the edge of the rug and the perimeter walls of the room. Furniture’s feet should always be placed on the rug. In the bedroom, you want a rug that extends at least a metre from your bedside to give you that under-foot cosiness when you get out of bed.

Hassle-free rug shopping is just a click away. Browse through our online collection of designer rugs and let the rug bug bite!

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