8 Ways to Arrange Rugs to Complement Flooring and Furniture in Your Home

We are often asked what the best ways are for arranging rugs. If you are facing the dilemma of which rug to choose or how to place it, read on for a few tips shared by interior designers. No matter how glamorous the rug is and how beautiful the space, if the rug is too small, it will be a wasted opportunity. Of course, if the rug is too large for the space, it will not fit neatly. So, be sure to choose the size wisely.

Rug in the Bedroom – Extend the Rug

If you want a rug in the bedroom for a balanced ambience, place it under the bed, but only if it is large enough to extend at least 45 cm out from under a queen- or king-sized bed. If placed under a twin bed, make sure it extends around 30 cm around the bed. You can have it extend more if the room space allows, but not less.

Furniture Front Legs on the Rug in the Living Room

You can place the rug in the living room to create social focus. One way is to place the front legs of the furniture on the rug with the back legs off it. This method works well if you want to link furniture pieces together, whilst still having the furniture extend far enough into the space to ensure balance.

Partial Placement on the Rug in the Living Room

You can also place some of the furniture front legs on the rug, such as the sofa, and have all the legs of the two chairs on the rug. This is recommended if you have a larger room and want to create some contrast.

No Furniture Legs on the Rug in the Living Room

If the rug is smaller and you just want to add a pattern to the space, best placement of the furniture would be with no legs on the rug.

All Furniture Legs on the Rug in the Living Room

If you want to create a coherent and compact feel, place all the furniture with their legs on the rug.

Leave 45 cm of Floor Space Around the Rug

Place the rug so as to leave 45 cm between it and the room’s walls if it is an enclosed space, such as a separate dining room or lounge. This is a good tip to ensure that you purchase the right size of rug for a particular enclosed space.

Leave Only a Few Centimetres around the Rug

Follow this approach for a classically styled interior. It is a rather conventional way of placing a rug in an enclosed room, but with modern furnishings and room finishes, it works in a contemporary living environment.

Placement at a Table

For balanced look when placing the rug in a luxury area, allow 60 cm extension of the rug from the table’s edge on every side. With this method, the back legs of the dining room chairs are still on the rug when pulled out.

Add Outdoor Rugs

Place outdoor rugs at the entrances to prevent dust and debris from being brought into the home.

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