Best Flooring Options for Kids’ Rooms

The Best Flooring Options for Kids’ Rooms

Children interact with their bedrooms and playrooms quite a lot, and a major influence on this environment is the floor. Flooring options in kids’ rooms are somewhat limited on the market, as children quickly grow and their flooring needs change. Therefore, choosing a dynamic, timeless product is the best idea, as it will accommodate the room as your child gets older. If you are currently doing your homework on flooring options for kids’ rooms and want to know how to select the best product for your household’s needs, then our guide may assist you in making the right choice.

Best Flooring Options for Kids’ Rooms

How Old Are Your Kids?

Across the board, kids’ rooms experience a lot of foot traffic, so you will need a durable product that can handle those rough-and-tumble games and busy play dates. That said, the best flooring options for a baby or toddler room will be different to the best solutions for an older child’s bedroom. Babies and toddlers are notoriously messy, and plenty of accidental spills are going to happen. It is unwise to have wood-based products in these rooms as moisture damage can occur. At this age, children are also crawling or learning to walk, which means a lot of time spent on the floor or falling. You will need a softer option that offers more impact absorption underfoot to prevent the child from hurting themselves.

Older children might not need as much underfoot comfort, but they are likely to run, dance and play on their floors, so quieter, sound-absorbing flooring options are best.

Think About Hobbies and Personality

Kids’ rooms are usually an extension of the children that live in them. Little ballet dancers will have a corner for practising their pirouettes, karate students may try out their kicks in front of the mirror – or on their unsuspecting siblings. The way your child interacts with their personal space will inform you of the best flooring options for them. If you are home to a budding artist who spends weekends painting, a stain-resistant product is a priority, or if your little one spends time with the family’s pets in their room, you will want to invest in scratch-resistant solutions. When it comes to siblings who share a room, it is best to find something durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Choose a Timeless Shade

As a child gets older, the décor and furnishings in the room will be replaced and changed. Cots and baby compactums are traded in for bigger beds and homework desks, and the flooring options you select will need to flow well with this transition. If you don’t mind replacing your floors every few years as trends change, then you are free to select a bold option that is in vogue this current season. Some homeowners are seeking a lasting product, however, so choosing timeless, classic shades and textures for their kids’ rooms are wiser. The wood-look remains a popular option for this, and with so many affordable alternatives that emulate solid wood without the high price tag, it’s possible to introduce this aesthetic to your home.

Luxury Vinyl Tile is Always a Favourite

Luxury vinyl tiles and planks (LVTs and LVPs) are a popular choice for kids’ rooms because they are the only flooring options that are waterproof, while others are merely moisture resistant. It’s a non-porous, mould-resistant material that cleans up easily when it comes to spilt cereal and sippy cups. There is some cushioning to luxury vinyl tiles and planks because of how they are made, which makes them softer and quieter underfoot, and they offer a more comfortable landing for children still learning to walk.

Wood Laminates Are Durable and Stylish

Like LVTs and LVPs, wood laminates are one of the most affordable products on the market. They offer superior durability and can last a long time when cared for correctly. Laminates also mimic the look and feel of real hardwood beautifully, which creates a warm and inviting feel in kids’ bedrooms. They are made from various layers which gives them a certain springiness, absorbing the shock from footsteps. If you are seeking a scratch- and impact-resistant floor that is easy to maintain and clean, wood laminates are the best choice.

Flooring in Kids’ Rooms

Don’t Rule Out Wall-to-wall Carpeting

Many people are hesitant to install carpeting in kids’ rooms, but countless options on the market today feature superior stain resistance and hold up well under heavy foot traffic. The upside to carpets in children’s bedrooms is that they are plush and soft, keep the room warm, and help to insulate the space and reduce noise. If you are worried about stains, a darker shade may help to conceal any tough spots.

Consider Dynamic Area Rugs

If you are still unsure about redoing your flooring, you can opt for an area rug that offers the same benefits as carpeting but can be rolled up and stored when you want to redo the room. Rugs can also help to protect your current floors from scuffs and scratches while adding to the warmth of the space.

At Top Carpets and Floors, we have decades of experience when it comes to servicing various industries – from the commercial sector to residential settings – which means kids’ rooms are child’s play to us. If you would like some assistance in choosing the best options for your home, feel free to contact us today.

To learn more about all the various flooring options on the market, and find out which best suits your needs, download our free flooring guide.


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