Rugs Offer Style, Comfort, Compromise and Economy as Required

April 12, 2016

There are many good reasons for using rugs and you may either choose to locate one in just a single room or to adorn every room and corridor in your entire home with them. First and foremost, however, they provide a quick, simple and relatively inexpensive means by which to transform both the look and the feel of any area instantly. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, unlike a wall-to-wall carpet, they require no fitting and can be moved to a new location at will, as and when this may become a requirement. They differ from conventional fitted carpet in that all of their edges are bound, in order to prevent any tendency to fray that, with fitted floorcoverings, is normally inhibited by skirting.

One other obvious difference in the design of rugs is often to be seen in the depth of their pile. This is frequently far greater than that found on those carpeted surfaces that are intended to support more intensive traffic. As a consequence they are warm and comfortable, and provide a cushioned surface on which children can play safely. On the other hand, much smaller, coarser and generally rectangular units are often positioned on top of a more delicate carpet at various strategic points with the prime purpose of providing some degree of protection from foot traffic and muddy boots, although these are more commonly referred to as mats.

While many of the traditional patterns are still applied in the manufacture of rugs, the modern product frequently tends to reflect a more abstract flavour. These bold designs call upon the use of equally bold colours and together, this combination can provide a very effective means by which to brighten up the character of an otherwise rather dull room.

When located over a fitted carpet, a real timber floor or a surface clad with one of the modern laminated alternatives designed to simulate some natural material, the use of rugs can serve as a means to define some specific area within a given room. In a dining room, for instance, and regardless of whether they are of traditional or abstract design, one may be positioned beneath the table and chairs. In this way it not only defines the dining area but also provides a means to cushion the surface beneath it from the risk of abrasions, as well as the noise caused by the constant movement of chairs during a typical meal.

Similarly, in an office, one could employ precisely the same technique in order to designate visibly the proposed working area that will then be occupied by a desk and chair. Given this type of use, it is not too surprising that the adjective “area” is often used to qualify the noun rugs when describing these highly versatile, pile-based floorcoverings.

Many apartment owners who favoured wooden or laminated floors have since become aware that the sound of footsteps and other activities on these surfaces can be a source of disturbance to other residents below. Rather than carpeting them entirely, many now choose to retain as much of the natural character of their hard flooring as possible by adopting a simple compromise that ensures that much of the noise will be eliminated, while still retaining sufficient of the original surface to satisfy their aesthetic needs. The simple but effective solution lies in positioning one of the larger area rugs in the centre of the room that will also allow a surrounding border of the hard surface to remain visible.

Even excluding fitting costs, being smaller than a typical fitted carpet, these products are generally less expensive and provide quite an economical means by which to add a touch of elegance or drama to any space in your home. From the lounge to the dining room and the bedroom, to the bathroom, area rugs have much to offer.

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