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7 Flooring Options That Are Fade and UV Resistant

If you are looking for UV- and fade-resistant flooring options, there are several outstanding products currently available on the market. In the South African climate, which sees long, hot and bright summers, homeowners must often do their homework on furnishings and flooring options that can accommodate direct sunlight. However, every household and every room within a property has its requirements, so careful consideration is needed. We at Top Carpets and Floors make the product comparison process a little easier by offering professional advice on which product would suit you best.

Flooring Options

What Makes Flooring Options UV-resistant?

Ultra-violet (UV) rays are all around us. They emanate from the sun and can cause damage to photosensitive floors. Dependent on the kind of flooring used, the sun can fade, bleach, darken, dry out and even cause certain kinds of floors to crack and degrade quickly. UV rays do not just come from direct sunlight, however, they are found in various forms of lighting too, such as fluorescent light bulbs. When possible, it is always better to keep flooring installations out of the reach of UV rays to prevent damage. Many manufacturers today also prioritise UV resistance as a feature in their flooring options by using protective finishes and wear layers that minimise the damage done by the sun.

What Causes Fading?

The sun is not the only problem when it comes to floors, as other factors can also cause the vibrant shades of your carpet or the beautiful hue of wooden floors to become dull. A major cause of fading is wear and tear. Areas on your flooring that receive heavy foot traffic may start to look washed out over time. Carpeting, for example, may begin to lose its lustre and its shade may pale. Hardwood floors will also lighten in spots where there is wear and tear, though these areas can be refinished. To prevent fading due to heavy use, it is essential to opt for installations that offer commercial-grade durability and great product guarantees. Area rugs and carpet protectors are also solutions. Another cause of fading is harsh cleaning methods and chemicals. Before using a cleaning product on your floors, ensure that it is not too abrasive for the surface being cleaned. Avoid corrosive and caustic chemicals at all costs and opt for gentler cleaning and maintenance methods like spot cleaning or dry mopping with a microfibre mop.

7 Flooring Options That Feature UV- and Fade-resistant Properties

You will find stellar options such as laminates, carpets and even vinyl that offer some degree of resistance to sun damage, but not all flooring options perform in the same way. At Top Carpets and Floors, we are home to products that fit the bill when it comes to industry-leading solutions that handle UV rays and wear and tear better than most products on the market.

Flooring Options

1. Highlights By Nature

The Highlights By Nature range is Luxury Rigid Board SPC (stone-plastic composite core). This new generation of flooring options is stronger than traditional luxury vinyl tiles and is 100% waterproof. In hotter and more humid climates, it outperforms other LVTs, and it also has a Super UV Coating which makes it fade- and UV-resistant.

2. Legends

The Legends range is luxury wood vinyl and is made from 100% virgin material. It offers the appeal of an antique wood surface finish and is rated as an affordable product. This is a heavy residential option perfect for living rooms and bedrooms, and its 0.33mm wear layer is not only scratch- and wear-resistant but resistant to UV rays too.

3. Legends Commercial

Like the Legends range, the Legends Commercial design is highly durable and resists fading and sun damage well. This solution is a superior option for heavy foot traffic environments such as retail stores and shopping centres, hospitals and more. In residential environments, it boasts a 30-year warranty.

4. Artificial Grass Collection

If you are looking for outdoor flooring solutions (or even a way to add some outdoor appeal inside your home), synthetic turf is a superb idea. Our Artificial Grass Collectionnot only looks and performs well but is fully UV-stabilised, offering a minimum guarantee of two to eight years against fading from sun exposure.

5. Angora

Are you looking for softer, more luxurious flooring options? Our Angora carpet range is made from 100% pure wool, giving it a natural, opulent feel. Wool is superb at repelling dirt, and it is also resistant to bacteria, fire and fading. The lightfastness of the fibres means that your installation will look great for years to come.

6. Tumzi Grey Rug by MONN

If you are seeking something for a smaller area within a room, our rug range by MONN is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The Tumzi Grey design is inspired by the dot face-painting done by various cultures in South Africa, and it is locally manufactured. It is created with premium UV-resistant materials to keep it from fading in sunlight.

7. Flatweave Round

If you like the idea of rugs but want something a little different, our Flatweave 2m Round design is trendy and comes in a variety of reversible prints and shades. It is both UV- and water-resistant, which means this flooring option can also be used outdoors.


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