Flooring: How Will You Set the Trend This Spring?

October 24, 2017

Flooring is a major element of a home’s design and, especially in living areas, the right flooring can have an enormous impact. Flooring solutions have progressed in leaps and bounds, and today’s trends are testament to this.

If you have not considered sprucing up your home with new flooring for spring, you may change your mind after reading about some of the latest trends in spring flooring solutions:

  1. The wider the better … Beautiful flooring options like luxury laminate and luxury vinyl tile are available in wide planks. These are all the rage now for small homes. The trend is exaggerated design elements, especially with flooring in small spaces. We love this trend and so do our customers, because it looks modern, elegant and expensive.
  2. Looks like wood … Everyone wants a real hardwood floor, but not everyone wants to pay the price for it. And, if you follow the trends of the latest spring flooring solutions, you do not have to. Wood-like flooring, such as laminate, has come a long way and is now a hot commodity. Flooring that can mimic real hardwood floors is highly sought-after. People love it for many reasons but mostly because it is durable, chic, low-maintenance and affordable. It remains on trend too, because of its great moisture-resistant qualities, which makes it great for bathrooms and kitchens. This look-like-wood trend is possibly the biggest one in flooring solutions this year. It is a joy to walk on and it will remain popular for years to come!
  3. Trendy turf … Trends indicate that people are moving into smaller living spaces. High-maintenance homes and gardens are no longer the norm, as homeowners seek simpler ways to express their style. Artificial grass is a top trend in spring flooring solutions. It has so many eco-friendly benefits that it is clear why it is up there as a top flooring trend to follow. Not only is artificial grass tough, but it is also soft and looks very realistic. It will not get damaged or muddy when wet and will not fade in sunlight. You never have to use fertilisers or pesticides again, which is great for the environment, and your water bill will be greatly reduced. It seems that this trendy turf will only continue to gain in popularity as homeowners steer towards low-maintenance, eco-friendly living. Any flooring solution that is going to save us money and give us more time to relax and enjoy the garden, through spring, summer, autumn and winter, is a winning flooring solution in our books!
  4. Green. Full stop … We could not talk spring 2017 flooring solutions and trends without talking about the environment. Being environmentally aware is far beyond a trend; it has become the norm. Savvy manufacturers know consumers vote with their consciences today and they will not compromise on what is good for the environment. Eco-friendly flooring solutions remain the top trend across the world and this is not going to change.

Be a trendsetter. Let us show you how with the right flooring solution this spring. Contact your nearest Top Carpets & Floors branch today.

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