Modern Kitchen Blinds: 5 Ideas to Keep Your Kitchen Feeling Fresh

January 25, 2023

The modern kitchen should be both practical and chic. The space must be functional, yet you want to showcase your style and personality through the décor and furnishings. Modern kitchen blinds and window coverings are one of the best ways to spruce up a tired-looking kitchen.

All too often, we neglect the windows, forgetting just how important they really are. We fork out a small fortune on glistening countertops, brand-new appliances, and a fresh lick of paint, yet leave our windows looking dull and a little lonesome.

This is where modern kitchen blinds can save the day. When you choose from our extensive range of options, your kitchen will be injected with a revitalising boost of contemporary style. Here we explore five kitchen blind and window covering ideas that will keep your kitchen feeling fresh.

Modern Kitchen Blinds

Blinds Can Propel Your Kitchen into Modernity

Blinds are a must in any modern kitchen and home. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are also super practical. In our books, kitchens should combine both sophistication and functionality. When you choose from our range of blinds, you can enjoy the following advantages and more:

  • Flexibility. There are many attractive, high-quality options available depending on your budget and style.
  • Operational ease. All models are easy to adjust.
  • Durability. Our products will last for many years and can withstand general wear and tear.
  • Aesthetic delight and style. Options are available in an array of textures, materials, and colours.
  • Timeless appeal. A touch of elegance is added to the space which instantly elevates the décor.

So, how do you choose the best modern kitchen blinds for your space? We share five styles and ideas that will look fantastic in any kitchen. And if the options seem overwhelming, then our expert team is always on hand to assist you.

Modern Kitchen Blinds

5 Types of Bespoke Blinds for the Modern Kitchen

These trendy blinds and window coverings, supplied by Designer Blinds, will look fantastic in any kitchen. Popular products include the following:

1. Roller Blinds:

When it comes to modern kitchen blinds, roller blinds are a must-see. Roller blinds are customised fabric window coverings that allow you to play with colour and texture. They are made from a solid piece of material and can add an elegant and contemporary touch to any room. Our roller blinds come in an array of options, allowing you to design a bespoke blind that works for your space. Clients can explore fabric swatches online and opt for colourful or patterned designs if they want a modern twist. These blinds are available for indoor or outdoor use and can be automated for added convenience.

2. Custom Vertical Blinds:

Our customised vertical blinds are one of the best options for light control. These modern kitchen blinds offer both light filtering and block-out options and are available in various colours and materials. These customisable blind solutions allow you to choose your slat angle based on your preferences. You can either draw them all to one side for maximum viewing capacity and light or slant them at your desired angle.

3. Wooden Venetian Blinds:

If you love country-style charm, wooden Venetian blinds can add elegance and authenticity to any kitchen. These blinds inject warmth into your space, creating a cosy feel. Our wooden Venetian models are available in a range of stains, including dark mahogany, cherry, natural, walnut, white, and charcoal.

4. Shutters:

Window shutters are a stylish option for any modern kitchen. They're available in both wood and composite materials and can be customised in a variety of colours and stains. Shutters are the perfect way to integrate quaint regional allure with modern blind solutions. Our shutters boast ultimate durability since they're waterproof and mildew resistant. They are also robust, meaning they'll last for many years to come.

5. Motorised Blinds:

Automated blinds are perfect for anyone looking to make their home smarter. These models allow you to adjust your blinds with the click of a button and filter the light accordingly. As a bonus, smart solutions are a brilliant way to keep blinds clean since you won't have to adjust them manually. These smart blinds amalgamate style and technology, making your life more hassle-free.

Whatever type of blind you choose with us, we offer competitive repair solutions. Rather than replacing the entire blind, we will fix individual components that have been damaged so that you do not have to purchase a brand-new blind.

Explore Our Extensive Range Today

When you work with the team at Designer Blinds, you are guaranteed premium products built to last. Our professional installation will ensure that blinds are fitted perfectly, promoting maximum light control and aesthetic appeal. Our modern kitchen blinds offer clients one of the best ways to update their space and refresh the room’s décor. For more information on our products, get in touch with us today, and we will give your kitchen the modern touch it deserves.

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