A Flawless Way to the Perfect Floor

October 24, 2017

So, you are going to take the plunge and give your home a floor makeover. But have you done your homework? Top Carpets & Floors, a supplier of custom flooring in Johannesburg, is in the business of turning home renovation dreams into reality and offers some advice to those in the market for a new floor.

Flooring is about your lifestyle. It is important to keep this in mind – after all, it is your home, your taste and your family who are going to walk on the floors, entertain, run, play, and enjoy the living space. Nobody knows your household and family like you do, so think about what goes on in your home. If it is only one room you are reflooring, it may be an easier decision. Perhaps it is a study or guest bedroom, which does not get much traffic and is generally a quiet space. But if it is the living room, lounge or kitchen, consider the activities these floor areas endure before you make your choice.

We are not saying be a practical stickler. No! Just bear in mind what suits your taste and your home. Doing some research about custom flooring can be a real timesaver to help you steer away from what is not suitable and focus on what is.

The size and the shape of the room is important. Also, note the amount of light you get in the room as this can impact the colour of the flooring which would be best suited to give you the best result. Light floors give a feeling of space and can bring light to rooms that don’t get a lot of light. If it is a large, light-filled room, mid-toned flooring can add a wonderful rich warmth to the room.

Always ask yourself what you hope to achieve with the flooring revamp. What look and feel are you going for? Is it vintage? Wood? Modern? Quirky? Classic? Something iconic?

With its exceptionally realistic designs mimicking solid hardwood trends, laminated floors have grown leaps and bounds in popularity, mainly due to its ease of maintenance, affordability and the wide variety of styles available. Hardwood flooring is the higher end alternative, so for many people laminate flooring fits perfectly into their budget and delivers great results every time.

The size of the carpet tile is something to take into account too as they are available in many variations, from thick to skinny and square to rectangular. These various shapes and sizes can trick the eye into believing a room is bigger or smaller, longer or wider.

Don’t forget to factor in what else is in the room when choosing flooring. Look at your décor and furniture, plants and paintings. Neutral floor colours are easier to match with existing furniture and décor, and they have a timeless element to them. Don’t let this sway you to become boring though – there are far too many exciting options with custom flooring to have to be dull!

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