Luxury Vinyl Tiles

A Selection of Premium Products in Our Luxury Vinyl Tiles Collection

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Luxury vinyl tiles (also called LVTs, and sometimes LVPs when referring to their plank form) have gained mass appeal. Hailed for their affordability, homeowners prefer them because they introduce an authentic wood or stone look to floors without the price attached to these natural materials. There are several other benefits that users enjoy with LVTs too, but a major selling point is their ability to withstand topical moisture damage. LVTs are best known for their water-resistant performance because they do not contain real wood. If you would like to know more about water-resistant luxury vinyl tiles, and which products we would recommend, then this article may prove helpful.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Features that Make Luxury Vinyl Tiles So Popular

Their water-resistant properties are not all that make luxury vinyl tiles popular in homes across South Africa. They come in a vast range, from budget-friendly options to high-end solutions used for luxury applications. Aesthetically, homeowners have no shortage of style options on the market, which means finding the right shade and pattern is relatively easy. They are also softer and more pliable than many other flooring types, which makes them comfortable underfoot as they absorb impacts. Within our collection, some products have v-groove joints and others have square joints. Many users prefer designs with v-groove joints because they are more forgiving of variations in the floors that might arise from an uneven screed. They disguise raised edges well, but it is also possible for dirt to collect in the grooves. In the end, your choice in design comes down to a style preference.

Why Professional Installations Are Better

Do-it-yourself masterminds can rejoice – luxury vinyl tiles are one of the easiest kinds of floors to install. Some are considered floating floors, which means they are merely laid over the subfloor without being glued or nailed down. Other products, however, may require specialised adhesives and techniques to stick to the screed. The click-system on LVTs means that they lock into place easily, which is quick and easy to do oneself. While it is possible to install LVTs alone, there are a few reasons to opt for professional installers, such as our experts at Top Carpets and Floors:

· Though many luxury vinyl tiles are topically water-resistant, the moisture that creeps up from beneath the subfloor and into the underlayment may affect the product’s performance. Stick-down LVTs can sometimes prevent screeds from breathing, and plastic moisture barriers may make the problem even worse. To prevent any issues with your product in future, it is better to contact expert installers. Professionals will assess and prepare the subfloor to ensure the right products are chosen and installed properly.

· Choosing the right underlayment may be tricky, but a professional installer will make the right call.

· Being water-resistant does not negate the effects of temperature changes, and many luxury vinyl tiles are sensitive to heat. To accommodate this, professional installers ensure there are adequate expansion gaps between the boards, especially in coastal areas.

· Our professional installations at Top Carpets and Floors come with installation guarantees for each customer’s peace of mind.

· You are ensured seamless, beautiful floors that perform as they should and last a long time.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

The Stunning Products Within Our Range

Luxury vinyl tiles are a popular option because they can be installed in areas where wood laminates and carpeting won’t perform as well. Kitchens and bathrooms, for instance, are considered high-moisture areas that experience more humidity and moisture spills. This would eventually cause damage to most products that contain natural fibres and wood. LVTs not only withstand topical moisture damage but are easy to clean and durable too. They are also perfect for washrooms, sculleries, laundry rooms and basements. We have several outstanding LVTs within our collection that customers love, including:

1. The Portofino Design: This is a wide-plank, biophilic design with an advanced AO9 aluminium oxide UV coating. This coating increases the product’s resistance to stains, scuff marks and scratches. Inspired by nature, these planks offer elegant quality at an affordable price.

2. The Optima Design: On the higher end of our price range is the Optima design. It is a rigid board product with a strong locking system thanks to its patented 2G Unilin Click. It is highly water-resistant and available in a gorgeous colour palette.

3. The Legends Design: The Legends range is another affordable option that offers superior water resistance and an antique wood finish. It is made from 100% virgin material with a 0,33mm wear layer that resists scratches and wear and tear.

4. The Hartford Design: The Belgotex Hartford range is scratch-resistant, slip-resistant and water-resistant, offering styles inspired by the trees and lumber companies of Hartford city in Connecticut. It can be used in heavy commercial settings such as office lobbies and retail stores.

Our top-tier collection of luxury vinyl tiles is vast and impressive, and our expert consultants will help you choose an LVT product perfect for your application. Click 👉 here to get a custom quote on a product and its installation.


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