Why Carpets are Making a Comeback as Flooring Solutions for Bedrooms

Bedroom wall-to-wall carpeting is making a comeback! Other flooring solutions have dominated the interior design market for a long time, but recent trends suggest that people once again realise the benefits of carpeting for bedrooms, especially with a bigger array of carpets to choose from that differ in design and colour.

We take a look at why there is a return to carpet flooring solutions, specifically for bedrooms.

Superb Insulation

Winters can get really cold in South Africa and nothing provides warm ambience quite as well as elegant wall-to-wall carpeting. With the warm underfoot of carpets, it is certainly a good way to reduce energy usage during the winter. There is very little need to switch on the heater with the insulation gained through carpeting.

Reduced Noise

The soft cushioning also serves to reduce footstep and other noises. With proper insulation in the room attained through carpet flooring solutions, it is possible to significantly reduce noise disturbance, which is especially beneficial if you live in a security estate, townhouse complex, or apartment. Keeping a baby asleep at night becomes easier when the noise factor is managed through sound insulation.

Carpets, though extra beneficial in the bedroom, also make for good sound insulation in the living or television room, where the entertainment system’s sound can travel. The luxury carpets available from us, especially the ones with high-quality padding, help to reduce sound emission and vibrations from the entertainment system.

Design Elegance

Many upmarket hotels have carpets in the rooms because, apart from comfort, carpets create a sense of opulence. The very same feel is attained when installed in residential homes. So, is it not time to add a bit of extra comfort and luxury to your home?

Safe Surface

Safety is always important and carpets in particular are the perfect flooring solutions for people with kids. Small children learning to walk most certainly benefit from the extra cushioning of carpets. Even as adults, we benefit from softer walking surfaces. Carpets can help to minimise injuries and with non-slip surfaces, minimise the risk of slipping. Pets also benefit from the soft underfoot. Just think about dogs and cats running through the house and taking corners, often a bit too fast. With carpets in the rooms, you reduce the risk of the animals slipping and getting injured.

Exceptionally Wide Range

With a comprehensive range of colours, styles and textures to choose from, you can create the exact ambience and designer look that you want. Carpets make it possible to create a neutral base for the room, or you can use the flooring option to add vibrancy or texture for a unique look and feel.

Long-Lasting Beauty

Carpets, if well-maintained and cleaned regularly, keep their magnificence and beauty for years. If you want a durable floor solution for the bedroom, then we can recommend carpets.

Low Maintenance

No need for sweeping or polishing – simply vacuum the carpets regularly to get rid of dust, and occasionally give the carpets a professional clean. With the modern options, you also have more stain resistant carpets. If spills occur, simply treat immediately to keep the carpets looking stunning for years to come.

Soft and Comfortable

Children love soft play surfaces and, come to think of it, with the warmth provided by carpets, one can easily lie down or sit on the carpet to play board games or simply to chat, while enjoying the soft and comfortable surface.

Create the Feeling of Space

Carpets are one of those flooring solutions that can be used to make a room look bigger and brighter, just make sure to ask the experts which carpets would best achieve this feeling of spaciousness.

Keep in Vogue

With the wide range of patterns and styles available from Top Carpets & Floors, you can create anything from traditional and post-modern, to country style, and even urban interiors.


Even our top-of-the-range luxury carpets are affordable.

With the above benefits offered, it is truly understandable that carpets are making a comeback as elegant and versatile flooring solutions for bedrooms. Simply view our range and you will agree that our solutions are luxurious, elegant, durable and versatile. Contact your nearest Top Carpets & Floors branch for more information or to place your order.

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