Savvy Carpet Shopping With 4 Handy Tips

November 8, 2017

Did you know that carpet is still the preferred floor covering in the world today? It has wonderful benefits, most of all that luxurious, cosy feeling under foot. Carpet is a big investment though, so you want to be sure that you made the right choice. Recently, a Pretoria Top Carpets & Floors customer approached us for advice on choosing the right carpets, recently. As stockists of renowned carpeting brands like Nouwens and Constantia, we know a thing or two about pile, fibre, padding and dyes.

Here are 4 elements to keep in mind when carpet shopping:

  1. Colour: You want your carpet to be a lifetime investment. The reason you are replacing it in the home you just moved into is because you dislike the current colour – it is outdated, dirty and dull. The colour choice will determine the longevity of your love affair with your new carpet, so choose wisely. Bear in mind that mid-tone carpets show less dirt than darker toned carpets, and Berber flecked carpets are great dirt maskers. If you are re-carpeting or installing carpets as a home improvement, carpets are a super value booster. If you are doing it to boost value because you are about to put your home on the market, it would be wise to go for neutral colours; they are the safest bet.
  2. Room: What do you use the room for? It stands to reason a bustling family room or a playroom will need a tough carpet that can roll with the punches and still come out smiling every time. There will be spills and splashes, muddy paws and chocolate squished under someone’s foot, so you need to look at a hardy carpet, like nylon. Nylon is most noted for its durability since it is the hardest of all the synthetic carpet fibres, and resists wear and abrasion.
  3. Style: Traffic should dictate the best carpet style. An entrance hall will carry a lot more traffic than a guest bedroom, for example. Dense cut-and-loop carpet is affordable and durable, and a great choice for high traffic areas in the home and office. Commercial settings are also a good match for the trackless style of carpet (these reflect light in a way which hides any footprints, so you always have a lovely smooth looking carpet). If you want luxury under foot, nothing beats a gorgeous plush carpet. These will show foot tracks though, so it is better suited to formal areas of the home (lounge, study, main bedroom) where the foot traffic is low.
  4. Supplier: Because it is a big investment, you expect a lot from your carpet – it must last a long time, look great for decades, be stain resistant, and clean easily. Only a reputable supplier and installer of carpets can be trusted to help you make the right choice. There is no shortage of carpet stores in and around Pretoria and, unfortunately, no shortage of sub-standard suppliers! Choosing the right grade of carpet is so important and this is where expert help from experts such ourselves is valuable.

If you are still unsure and anxious as to what type of carpet will best suit your Pretoria home, feel free to visit your nearest Top Carpets & Floors branch where one of our professionals will be more than happy to assist you invest in the best carpet for your home.

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