Transform Your Home with These 4 Affordable Carpet Designs

December 10, 2019

Are you getting bored with the look of your house? Is it time to spruce things up a bit and breathe new life into your home? No problem. With just a few tweaks – and the addition of some well-considered affordable carpets – you can easily change the entire appearance of your living space, transforming it into a beautiful and inspiring home.

It all starts with identifying your personal style and the design that matches your lifestyle. Once you have settled on an approach, it is surprisingly easy to make some small changes that have a huge impact on the appearance of your interior. You can completely change the way your home looks by simply focussing on some great colour schemes, moving some items around and installing some affordable carpets. You will be surprised at what a difference it makes!

To help you get started we take a look at the main design trends and the affordable carpets that can help you bring these to life in your own home:

1. Modern Designs
If you are into the latest fashion and design that utilises the latest trends and colours, consider décor that makes use of clean, sharp lines. At the same time, stay away from clutter. Rather add detail by making use of geometric patterns, and keep the look updated with splashes of seasonal colours.

Carpets to consider for this look: Mantra (Belgotex), Co-exist (Belgotex).

2. Keep It Classic
Create a classic look by using warm creams and off-white colours, with some crisp white trims to create accents. Even if not antique, artwork or decorations should be more traditional, featuring muted colours and calm imagery. Also consider upping the warmth by adding family pictures to the room. Keep the edges of skirtings and window frames neat and either white or wooden.

Carpets to consider for this look: Softology (Belgotex).

3. The Rustic Look
Create a warm and authentic feel by using natural fabrics and finishes. Take inspiration from the outdoors and create your colour palette using colours that fit into the natural environment. While this style allows for some eccentric colour accents and items, keep the main palette neutral for a timeless feel that is easy to maintain.

Carpets to consider for this look: Serengeti (Belgotex).

4. Urban Chic
An urban take on the modern style, this design approach also relies on more angular pieces of furniture and an avoidance of clutter. To bring out the urban aspect, colour schemes focusses on cool greys, textures are provided by concrete, steel and glass, and warmth is added by using accents of natural blonde wood.

Carpets to consider for this look: Conscious (Belgotex).

For more information and ideas relating to the design styles above, check out our online Design Gallery. Not only will this provide you with further inspiration, but you can also browse a carefully curated selection of affordable carpets and flooring solutions from Top Carpets and Floors to complement each style.

With more than 130 stores nationally, Top Carpets and Floors is the largest floor coverings group in South Africa. Our size and reach ensure that we have the buying power to source and supply affordable carpets of exceptional quality to you, our valued customer.

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