The Latest Trends in Living Room Flooring

Three or more decades ago, living room flooring consisted of stone, marble, ceramic tiles, carpets, slate, hardwood or concrete. That was before laminates, vinyls and the newer-styled carpets were introduced. Today, the homeowner can possess just about any look and feel in their home, without having to deplete natural resources, such as wood, stone, marble or clay.

Laminate flooring in your living room is now exceptionally popular for several reasons. Made from recycled high-density fibre board with special top layers, the laminate floors are sustainable and the manufacturing of the boards is done at environmentally friendly facilities.

With laminate being easy to install, especially with the click-lock system design, many homeowners now opt for laminate flooring in their living rooms, instead of genuine hardwood floors which entail a complicated process of installation.

Laminates are also more affordable than genuine hardwood and many other types of natural surfaces. In addition, with an extremely wide range of colours, lengths, widths and textures to choose from, homeowners can be sure of an individualistic look and feel to mimic the desired natural surface.

The CEO of the World Floor Covering Association, Chris Davis, recently noted that consumers are looking for ways in which to save. They are still buying new floors, but they are more selective in their choices. Today, comfort and value are among the main priorities. Homeowners benefit from the broader range of affordable living room floors. The flooring solutions available are more environmentally sustainable, lower in maintenance, more durable, better on the budget and more stylish than a few years ago. Innovative designs, easy installation, and features such as moisture resistance have become important considerations for people who are in the market for new living room floors.

Recent trends in floor purchases furthermore show a preference for luxury water-resistant laminated flooring, which is extremely difficult to distinguish from the appearance of the replicated surface. Hardwood can be copied. However, the time and cost savings associated with the luxury laminate installation and maintenance make laminated flooring a trendier choice in the mid-level price range. Luxury laminate is to be in the mid-flooring price range, which makes it the more affordable option for up-and-coming professionals.

Carpets, however, are still as fashionable today as a few years ago. With the largest part of flooring sales made up by carpets, it becomes clear that people still look for the luxury, warmth and durability of carpets for bedrooms and living rooms. The styles, resilience and colours have changed over the years to reflect changes in interior design trends. With the amazing range of carpets available today, there is no reason to for people living in the cooler parts of the country not to have wall-to-wall carpets installed in their bedrooms and living areas.

One trend in living room flooring that has become apparent is the focus on green products. People want floors that are made from recycled materials or made through the responsible harvesting of natural resources. In addition, people look for non-toxic floor surfaces and floors that help to improve the air quality. They want anti-bacterial and anti-microbial flooring solutions to ensure that their living environments are healthy.

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