The Latest Trends in Stylish Window Coverings

November 3, 2016

Fashion changes with time, whether it is related to clothing, electronics, interior design or architecture. Adapting your interior space to reflect the latest trends, however, does not have to mean completely refurbishing or redesigning your home. Just changing the window treatments can bring your home’s interior into the 21st century and more specifically, in vogue for the next ten years. As such, let us take a quick look at the latest popular trends when it comes to window coverings, which are also expected to be in vogue for the next couple of years.

The End of Minimalistic Window Coverings

For a while there, it seemed as if the bare look would stick, but fortunately, at least for aesthetic appeal purposes, the trend ended in 2015. The barren appearance simply didn’t do much for creating a welcoming ambience in homes.

Fullness Returns

With the demise of the barren look and feel came the opportunity to return to wholeness. The picture can now be completed with full-window coverings ranging from aluminium, to motorised and vertical blinds. Drapes and curtains are also in use, but if you want your home’s interior to have a modern look and feel without compromising on the atmosphere and comprehensiveness, then designer blinds are certainly the way to go.

Bolder and More Colour

Gone are the days of having to stick to white or black, because now is the time to brighten up the future! If you want bolder coloured statements, you will also appreciate our range of designer blinds with numerous colour and style options to choose from.

Creativity is back and it is up to you to decide how you want to add colour to your house. If you are an interior designer, be sure to take note of the latest window covering trends to ensure that your designs keep up with the times. Indeed, the limits have been removed for the year 2016. Even consider textile-based designer blinds, and don’t be shy when it comes to patterns and shapes for window coverings.

Natural Light Control

In line with the trend towards maximising the usage of natural light and thus reducing the need for artificial light sources which are energy intensive, we see a strong movement towards motorised blinds and the plantation type shutters.

The designer blinds, whether motorised or manually operated, improve the aesthetics of the home, while also serving to manage the light usage. We also see the wooden look returning, reflective of the worldwide trend towards more natural living.

Roll-Down Blinds

Vertical blinds are still popular, but we also see a move towards roll-down blinds to maximise privacy in the interior, without compromising on the usage of natural light. The bottom-up or reverse blinds have just hit the market and are suitable for spaces where you need more privacy, but still want natural light to penetrate through the upper part of the window.

We offer an exceptional range of designer blinds to fit every type of window, privacy requirement and style preference. Keep in vogue with our trendy ranges. View the exquisite variety and visit your nearest Top Carpets & Floors store, or simply call on us for expert guidance, professional assistance and accurate quotes.

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