Here’s Why We Love Vinyl Click Flooring

September 27, 2022

Some kinds of flooring, like hardwood planks and stone tiles, are a statement of luxury and refinement. Such solutions, however, tend to be on the pricey side, require time and effort to install, and may have specialised upkeep needs.

Thankfully, the market currently offers several affordable options that still maintain superior style without all the downsides of more expensive products. One such option is vinyl click flooring, also known as luxury vinyl tiles and planks (LVTs and LVPs).

This flooring is found just about everywhere, from hotel lobbies and airports to hospitals and educational institutions. The reason vinyl click flooring is such a sought-after solution is due to its versatility, water-resistance, and budget-friendly options.

Here, at Top Carpets and Floors, LVTs are a favourite of ours, and after learning more about them, you may prefer them too.

The Installation Process is Where the Name Comes From

Vinyl click flooring is just another kind of LVT that “locks” into place when installed. Of all the various kinds of flooring, LVTs are some of the easiest to install. As a floating floor, they don’t require bonding to the subfloor and the planks and tiles are relatively easy to cut. They create a seamless finish when installed because of how their edges simply snap together. This ease of installation means that do-it-yourself homeowners prefer LVTs, but a professional installation that properly prepares the substrate floor is always wisest.

Vinyl Click Flooring Offers Money-Saving Style

Early vinyl flooring products used to be quite smooth (and looked rather cheap too), and laminates were preferable because they offered a better wood-like texture. Fortunately, LVTs have come a long way in how they are manufactured, and now feature embossed wood grains to realistically emulate the feel and depth of hardwood floors. As far as options go, vinyl click floors are a designer’s dream, with just about every shade and hue you can imagine available on the market. Natural, softer shades are in this season, and users can enjoy limitless aesthetic choices at a fraction of the price of wooden or stone tile floors.

Looking for Durability? You Can’t Go Wrong with LVTs

There is no point in investing in a product that won’t last. That said, high-quality vinyl click flooring does not have this issue as it is one of the more durable products currently on the market. It is a scratch- and impact-resistant option that performs well under regular foot traffic. In busy households with larger families, children and pets, LVTs roll with the punches. This is one installation that will handle what life throws at it – whether it involves sippy cup mishaps or muddy pawprints tracked into the house.

Users Enjoy the Underfoot Comfort it Offers

Wood and stone look beautiful, but as far as flooring surfaces go, they are rather hard. LVTs are known as a more comfortable floor upon which to walk, as it comes down to the underlay beneath the installation, as well as the layered construction of each board. This means that vinyl click floors have a bit of cushioning to them, absorbing every impact. Being softer underfoot also means that they are quieter, which is important in places such as hospitals or tranquil day spas. In on-the-go households, this sound absorption creates a more peaceful atmosphere.

vinyl flooring

It’s a Stress-free Floor to Clean and Maintain

You will have no issue when it comes to keeping your floors clean. Vinyl click flooring does not have any special requirements and sweeping or vacuuming them ought to be enough to keep dirt and dust at bay. Weekly mopping, and wiping with a gentle cleaning agent when needed, is perfectly fine for these floors. Should a board retain some damage, there are vinyl repair kits on the market that can help to fix the problem. Individual planks or tiles can also be replaced, which is why it’s a good idea to purchase a few extra boards when first installing the product.

A Water-resistant Solution

Vinyl click flooring is water-resistant and a tight seal on the click-lock system of the boards should ensure that the underlayment stays dry. The planks and tiles are not made with fibreboard material like laminates are, which means they won’t easily absorb moisture that causes them to swell or change shape. LVTs are an ideal solution to areas like kitchens, sculleries, bathrooms and laundry rooms as they withstand moisture well.

A Safer Floor Option

Many high-quality LVTs on the market today are slip-resistant and help to prevent falls. This is an essential feature, especially in places like medical environments or homes with elderly individuals and children. Ranges from leading brands are also highly flame-resistant, which is another reason these floors work so well in kitchens and even braai rooms as opposed to hardwood.

Vinyl click flooring offers a host of great benefits, but most homeowners get excited when they see our stunning collection that not only offers variety but quality at affordable prices.




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