Types of Rugs that Are Perfect for Your Living Room this Season cover

Types of Rugs that Are Perfect for Your Living Room this Season

Want to give your home a facelift? Living rooms are a great place to start as they are often enjoyed by the household and company alike. One of the fastest ways to spice up this space is with an area rug that catches the eye and uplifts the atmosphere. There are also various types of rugs, from luxuriously plush options to more hardwearing designs that handle homes with pets and children well. Whatever your needs, we at Top Carpets and Floors have a range for you.

Choosing Types of Rugs that Elevate Your Living Room

The right rug can tie a room together, while the wrong rug can create disharmony and break the flow of the area. Therefore, choosing something that works well is essential. The types of rugs you select for your home can either be functional art pieces that steal the show or supporting elements that bring out the best in surrounding furnishings and décor. While it comes down to personal preference, there are a few styling principles to consider:

Size is crucial

A large rug covers a large area, which means its design will be quite prominent. Large rugs that are on the neutral side tend to look more harmonious. Keep in mind that if you have beautiful floors, you may not want to hide them with such a large covering. Smaller rugs are great for smaller spaces, or specific spots such as beneath tables, desks or in places one often stands or sits. Choosing an area rug that is too small will only make it look like clutter that busies the room.

Placement is important

too because some types of rugs are more cushioned and become tripping hazards when laid in walkways. Make sure the rug either entirely covers a walkway or leaves the walkway completely open so nobody tiptoes around its edges. Cleverly placed rugs can act as room dividers, isolating sections of the room when it feels too expansive and sparse.

Colours and patterns will influence the mood of the room

Muted or neutral shades, especially those in earthy tones, will bring a natural calm into the room. Bright and bold colours make a vibrant statement but may clash with other furnishings. Whether you want your living room to look warmer, cooler or bigger, the right shade and design will help you achieve this.

Why Rugs Are Superb Additions to Living Rooms

Apart from instantly warming up a space, many types of rugs protect floors and walkways while adding an element of comfort. The cushioning underfoot is more comfortable to walk on, and it absorbs sound better too – this is why runners are a great idea for hallways that receive a lot of foot (and paw) traffic. A rug is also easy to swap out for a stylish design when seasonal trends change. It can even be repurposed or upcycled into everything from hanging wall art to upholstery for furniture pieces. Lastly, they are an ideal focal point for a living room. When the eye rests on a statement rug, the rest of the room feels more cohesive and balanced.

Go for an Antique Aesthetic


Antique does not need to mean “pre-loved” or “used”; it can refer to types of rugs that are designed to look slightly aged. A vintage-look rug has a bit of character to it, but it also creates the feel of luxury because the only types of rugs that last a long time are high-quality luxurious designs. Thankfully, there is no need to shop for exorbitantly-priced antiques when there are plenty of affordable designs on the market that replicate the look, such as our Alethea Rust Copper design.

A Circle of Influence


Don’t underestimate the power of a round rug to transform a room. These types of rugs are exceptional at breaking up the harsh lines of a rectangular or square space, which makes it look bigger. A circular shape also gives the eye a break from the hard seams of flooring planks or tiles, creating a softer aesthetic great for bedrooms and living rooms.

Greyscale Options Match Everything


Grey is both neutral and sophisticated, and it can fall to the warmer, browner side, or a cooler, bluer hue. Greyscale prints are a clever way to incorporate patterns into a rug without too much of a stark contrast that overwhelms the room. Designs like the Pulse Grey and Poletti Grey by Monn are good examples.

Faux Animal Hide Designs

Animal hide rugs are thought of as a luxurious option that adds a natural, yet opulent, feel to a room. Faux animal rugs are even better as they are more affordable and made with ultra-soft synthetic materials while no harm is done to animals. Our Nguni Hide Inanda is one such design that looks fantastic in any living room.

Don’t Forget About Runners


Runners are useful in guiding foot traffic, protecting floors, dampening sound and bringing texture and colour to empty spaces. Our range includes beautiful runners such as the Brussel Weave Silver 5411 Reversible Runner which is UV and water-resistant.

To learn more about our exciting range of rugs, and how best to incorporate them into your living room, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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