5 Industries That Make Use of Vinyl Planks

Apart from home interior décor, we at Top Carpets and Floors specialise in heavy-duty commercial flooring for numerous industries in South Africa. With more than 130 stores countrywide, we are currently the country’s largest floor coverings group. With our buying power, we get top-quality flooring solutions at unbelievable prices, which only benefits our loyal clientele.

Having worked as a floor coverings retailer for well over 30 years, we now serve various booming industries of the economy. We also assist them in finding floor solutions that are suited to their businesses and institutions. While certain types of flooring do not suit every space, like plush carpeting in an industrial factory, for example, there is one product that remains in high demand across several of the industries we serve.

LVPs (luxury vinyl planks) are created using high heat and pressure to fuse together PVC and other compounds. The finished product consists of four layers – the wear layer, the digital print, the vinyl PVC core and the backing layer. Due to being so versatile and resilient, five major industries in South Africa make use of these engineered planks as their flooring solution of choice.

1. The Retail Industry

The retail industry, including malls, shops, boutiques and even service-oriented businesses such as beauty and hair salons, all require flooring that can withstand a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis. The transparent, protective layer on luxury vinyl planks means that scratches, dents and stains rarely affect the product and that it has no need for a sealant.

2. Hospitality

Whether small bed and breakfasts or 5-star hotels, the hospitality industry is all about service, comfort and accommodation, and its flooring should not be anything less. Luxury vinyl planks are great for comfort because they feel more “cushioned” and softer underfoot. They are also far warmer in the winter than cold stone tiles.

3. Education

Within educational institutions, various spaces will have different needs. In auditoriums, boardrooms, offices and even classrooms, luxury vinyl planks are a fantastic option due to their cushioned and flexible backing that reduces noise (think of foot traffic and moving chairs or desks) and their cost-effectiveness.

4. The Medical and Healthcare Industry

Places like hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies and doctors’ offices often see patients that are unwell or frail; vinyl has both anti-static and anti-slip properties that help to prevent patients from falling. These floors are also simple to clean and maintain and the design variety means one can select something that visually adds to a peaceful, healing environment.

5. Facilities Management

Facilities management is a broad industry that refers to sectors that offer support to spaces like offices, shopping malls, or schools. Facilities management services include cleaning, food preparation, reception and even maintenance services. As such, they often require flooring that is versatile, tough and pleasing to engage with daily. Luxury vinyl planks are not only one of the most affordable flooring options, but they are easily maintained, waterproof and look like real hardwood, making them ideal for this industry.

If you are interested in how LVPs can benefit your residence or business, we at Top Carpets and Floors would be happy to assist you. For more information, send us your queries online and we will get back to you.

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