Eco-friendly Flooring: The Designer Collection Legacy cover

Eco-friendly Flooring: The Designer Collection Legacy

These days, consumers are more aware of the environmental impact of the choices they make. From biodegradable packaging to more sustainable modes of transport, the drive for a greener world is accelerating innovation.

The flooring industry is no stranger to these technological advancements, either. Top brands are finding cutting-edge ways of manufacturing products that demand less from the environment while maintaining competitive price ranges.

If you are keen on an eco-friendly flooring option that performs superbly and looks great, our Designer Collection has notable solutions available, such as the outstanding Legacy range of wood laminates.

Why Wood Laminates Are Considered Environmentally Friendly

The main reason why wood laminate floors are environmentally friendly is that they emulate the look of hardwood planks without using as much timber. While the high-density fibreboard (HDF) core is made with composite wood particles, it uses significantly less wood than solid wooden floors. Laminates are also eco-friendly because they are recyclable and can even be repurposed for shelving and other projects. As floating floors, laminates come with a tongue-and-groove locking system; during installation, the boards click into place. This means that no toxic glues or adhesives are needed to secure the boards to the subfloor, which is better for the environment too.

About Our Stunning Legacy Range

Our Designer Collection, favoured by contractors and homeowners alike, features eco-friendly flooring solutions, but one standout option is the Legacy range. This range of wood laminates is the culmination of superior engineering and eco-friendly design. Below, we look at the reasons why this is one product we recommend to anyone seeking high-quality, sustainable flooring solutions.

Wide Planks Are Trending This Season

Wide planks have been sneaking onto the scene for a while now, but these days we see them trending internationally. Interior designers enjoy wide plank laminates because wider boards reduce the number of seams on the floor. This is a fantastic way to make a space appear larger than it is, which is useful in smaller homes. A more expansive floor with fewer details reduces the feeling of clutter in a room that tends to distract the eye. Wider planks are also easier to install because there are fewer of them, which saves you both time and installation labour costs. Though the laminates in the Legacy range are not hardwood floors, they do have a beautiful, faux-wood grain finish that is better appreciated in larger planks.

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The Range is Highly Durable

Wood laminates are a hardwearing flooring option, which is why they are used as easily in commercial settings as they are in residential environments. The Legacy range offers lasting durability, with a 10-year warranty in heavy domestic installations, and a five-year warranty when used in moderate commercial settings. If your home receives a lot of foot traffic, this is an ideal product.

Floors that Resist Stains and Fading

Some homes are just more prone to spills and messes. Families with children and pets often struggle to keep their floors stain-free and find that regular cleaning either damages the floors or fades the top finish over time. The Legacy range is resistant to stains, abrasions and fading, and will still look great after years of wear and tear.

Choose Between 6 Stunning Shades

Variety is an essential factor for homeowners seeking new eco-flooring, as some options on the market tend to look dull or bland. The Legacy range is available in six shades which suit most aesthetic themes, whether you are seeking a warm and rustic look or something more sophisticated in a cool shade. The unique patterning technology on each board is created with non-solvent water-based ink, which adds to the eco-friendly features of the product.

A Low-maintenance Flooring Solution

Nobody wants to spend all day cleaning up floors that trap excessive grime and dirt. Most people would also prefer eco-friendly floors that don’t require using specialised cleaning and maintenance chemicals that may release toxic fumes. Our Legacy range is ultra-easy to keep clean, and daily sweeping or vacuuming is enough to keep your floors looking spick and span. Spills or spots can be quickly wiped away with a damp cloth – no cleaning agents needed.

Perfect for Heavy Residential Use

The AC (Abrasion Class) rating of laminate boards is a way of categorising the product’s resistance to abrasions, impact and stains. Products undergo various tests to determine their AC rating, and this gives consumers more insight into how well the product will fare in certain applications. There are six levels of AC ratings, with AC1 being moderate residential use, and the highest rating, AC6, representing heavy commercial use. The Legacy range is rated as AC3, which makes it ideal for general, moderate and heavy residential installations.

Eco-friendly Flooring that Doesn’t Break the Bank

The Legacy collection offers several eco-friendly features apart from being a laminate flooring product. Firstly, the non-solvent water-based inks used to create the patterns on the planks contain no heavy metals. Secondly, the formaldehyde content is EI-rated, and the range is 100% biodegradable. Altogether, the Legacy range is an eco-friendly product that does not emit any toxic fumes on combustion and can be recycled if need be.

If you are keen on more eco-friendly flooring options, or if you would like to find out about non-toxic products that keep your household safe, feel free to talk to us here.

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