Why Luxury Vinyl Planks Make the Best Flooring for Man’s Best Friend

February 28, 2017

Did you know that just about every second home has a pet? Considering that pets such as dogs are part of family life, it goes without saying that they will leave their mark on your furniture and may even do so on the living room floor. People don’t always think about dogs’ long nails. Dogs walk and play on the living room floors and their nails tend to scratch soft surfaces. Add to the scratch problem the issue hair shedding and you will quickly realise why you most probably should invest in luxury vinyl planks for your living room floor. The question is, which floor type is the best for the pet in your life and for you?

Vinyl flooring is rather resilient and durable. Here’s a tip: don’t compromise on quality for the sake of your budget. If you invest in luxury vinyl planks that are properly installed, the pets will not affect the beauty of the living room floor. Luxury vinyl planks have the added benefit that they are quite thick. This makes for a sturdy and stable floor, and an ideal surface for dogs to play and run on. There is also the advantage of a protective layer that makes it easy to wipe away or vacuum up the dog and cat fur – because we do know that all pets shed hair wherever they go!

With this living room floor option, you don’t have to be concerned about scratches. The protective layer helps to prevent scratch marks from permanently ruining the aesthetics of the living room. Add to the high scratch resistance the inherent strength of the planks and you have a floor that is well protected against damage. Lastly, remember that cat vomit or dog urine will not cause stains; simply act immediately and remove the evidence. You can also vacuum the floor to remove hairs or any debris.

The thick underfoot surface provides a comfortable floor area where the pets will not mind to lie down and this makes it easier for you to keep them off your elegant furniture. When correctly installed, the luxury vinyl planks are also water resistant, which adds to their suitability for pets. Of course, sound insulation is another reason to consider luxury vinyl planks. You don’t have to deal with the sound of pet nails hitting a hard floor surface. The sound of walking is dampened, giving you a more tranquil living space.

Then there is the question of price. Fortunately, you can have the same beauty and durability as hardwood floors at a much more affordable price. Installation is easier and the warranties are comprehensive. Luxury vinyl plank living room floors are easy to maintain and clean. Add to this the benefit of having several colour and texture options and you will have the answer regarding the best flooring option for man’s best friend.

The Next Question is Where to Buy

We make it easy for you to find a floor option that’s right for your living room. View our range or visit your nearest Top Carpets & Floors branch for personal assistance in selecting the best pet-friendly floor for your home.

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