Which Flooring is Best for My House? – 15 Things You Need to Consider

The kind of floors you select for your home will have a major impact on factors such as your choice in future décor and even your mood when entering a room. For most people, finding out which flooring is best entails researching which products bridge the gap between aesthetic appeal, affordability, and high quality. There are other factors to consider, however, and taking these aspects into account will streamline your search for the best kind of flooring.

1. Foot Traffic in the Area

By far one of the most important factors to think about is how often the floor will be “used”. Floors situated at entrances and walkways will need to be resistant to wear and tear. Luxury vinyl tiles and wood laminates are some of the best flooring options for this function.

2. Your Ideal Aesthetic

Some people enjoy the natural feel that wood flooring options provide, while others prefer plush and luxurious carpeting. Much of your choice will come down to the atmosphere and aesthetic you wish to create in your home.

3. Moisture and Humidity

You will need to carefully research which products are best for high-moisture rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. Solutions like solid hardwood floors, unfortunately, are not a wise choice for these areas because of how absorbent wood is. Waterproof products such as luxury vinyl tiles are a far better option for these spaces.

4. Direct Sunlight

If you wish to install new flooring in a room with a lot of direct sunlight, you will first have to consider which option is most fade resistant. Wood and carpeting can be bleached by exposure to direct UV rays, so it is better to select something that is coated with a UV-resistant finish.

5. Pet-friendly Floors

Homes with pets require flooring with superior wear- and scratch-resistance. While most flooring products tout their claims of durability, the only way to find out which is best is to do your research on the kind of wear layer the product features. You can also speak to a professional flooring supplier who will advise you on which products will best suit your home.

Flooring for Home

6. Family-friendly Floors

Every family has a different lifestyle and will therefore have different flooring needs. Homes with small children, for example, will require floors that are stain-resistant and easy to clean when spills and messes occur. One must also consider whether anyone in the home suffers from allergies. In this case, choose hard, flat floors that do not trap allergens, and if you are keen on carpeting, rather opt for low pile carpets.

7. Professional Versus DIY Installation

While we at Top Carpets and Floors always recommend a professional installation (due to the superb installation guarantees we offer), many homeowners enjoy DIY installations. Floating floors such as wood laminates and engineered wood flooring are always easiest to install on one’s own. For a seamless end-product, however, professional installations are always your safest bet.

8. Duration of the Installation Process

Some flooring solutions take longer to install than others, but the process will depend upon the kind of products you choose and how large the area is. Before settling on what you think is the best option, speak to a professional about how long it will realistically take to install.

9. Budget

By far, the most common consideration is budget. Across the board, it is always better to expand your budget a little more to accommodate a product of better quality, as it is an investment that will last you a much longer time.

10. Changing Trends

If you are someone who loves to follow trends and change your space often, then long-term solutions such as hardwood and tiles are not for you. Rather opt for a flooring solution that is easily replaced every few years so that you can keep up with the evolution of interior design.

11. Available Samples

Some flooring suppliers allow customers to take home samples to test out before deciding on a product. Before making a guess on which option is best, be sure to ask about samples you can test at home.

12. Product Guarantees and Warranties

Product warranties protect you as a customer and will give you an idea of how long you can expect a properly cared-for floor to last you.

13. Hidden Costs

Travelling to remote areas, installations in homes with lots of stairs, and the preparation of the substrate floor before an installation are all factors that will influence your installation quote. Be sure to speak to your installer about these sometimes-hidden costs.

14. Your Commitment to Maintenance

Hardwood floors require special treatments and upkeep when compared to more affordable options, such as laminates and luxury vinyl tiles. Be sure to consider which solutions need more maintenance before you settle on a product.

15. Is It Easy to Replace Once Damaged?

Replacing a severely damaged hardwood plank or stone tile is a massive undertaking. In modern, busy homes, it is far better to invest in a solution that is not hard to fix once any damage occurs.

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