5 Water-resistant Laminate Flooring Options for Your Home cover

5 Water-resistant Laminate Flooring Options for Your Home

When people first learn about wood laminates, it may be in the context of how affordable this flooring solution is. There is so much more to the product than how cost-friendly it is, however. Laminate flooring options were once used as a cheap alternative to hardwood planks, but many homeowners now prefer them over wooden floors. While water-resistant laminate flooring continues to trend globally, we at Top Carpets and Floors keep up with these trends by providing our customers with outstanding products. Our wide collection of designs will cater to both your budget and style preference while still offering you the water-resistant properties you are seeking in your flooring.

Enjoy Countless Aesthetic Possibilities

Hardwood is, by far, one of the most beautiful products when it comes to luxury floors. Unfortunately, it is exorbitantly priced and never fares well with moisture. One water-resistant product that has stepped in to bridge the gap between a realistic wood aesthetic and affordability, is laminate flooring. Various colours, textures, and finishes mean that homeowners are spoiled for choice, and it is possible to find an option that suits any application.

A Durable Solution that is Easy to Clean

Water-resistant laminate flooring is famed for its durability. You don’t have to look far to find them, either. Wood laminate planks are used in retail stores, restaurants, hotels, airports and other high-traffic environments. Commercial-grade designs are highly resistant to abrasions and can withstand wear and tear for years. They are also effortless to clean. All it takes is a little sweeping and vacuuming, and a damp mop to get rid of any stains. Being a water-resistant product means that they will not swell or warp when they come into contact with moisture, as long as spills and messes are cleaned up quickly.

Wood Laminate Planks Are Easy to Install

Water-resistant laminate flooring is considered a kind of floating floor, which means it can be installed above just about any level surface with ease. While we do recommend a professional installation that properly prepares the subfloor, do-it-yourself installations are possible for homeowners with the time and right equipment. This kind of flooring uses a tongue-and-groove locking system, which allows the planks to click into place and stay put, and there is no need to glue or nail the floors down. As far as floating floors go, laminates are one of the most popular types.

Laminate Flooring

We understand the need for water-resistant laminate flooring, which is why our elegant collection includes products ideal for homes and commercial settings. Whether you have a home with pets and small children, or if you are just looking for a product that handles accidents well, we have five phenomenal products that will impress you.

1. Superior Aesthetics and Performance with the Legacy Reserve

The Legacy Reserve range impresses in both the opulent feel it creates in any space and how well it performs residentially and commercially. It boasts a stain-, wear- and water-resistant design that offers 25 years of heavy domestic use, or five years of general commercial use. The locking system allows for a glue-less installation and its anti-bacterial properties make it simple to keep clean as it kills 99.9% of germs on contact. Users will also enjoy the designs and colours available in the Legacy Reserve range.

2. Enjoy Luxurious, Heavy-duty Use with the Legacy Commercial

The Legacy Commercial range has an AC5 rating, which makes it ideal for both heavy-traffic domestic environments, as well as commercial settings with medium traffic. This 12mm, water-resistant laminate flooring solution is rigid with a high core density – but it does not compromise on looks. It features an embossed finish and is available in eight beautiful shades that closely resemble the look of wood.

3. Get that Real Wood Feel with Our Evolution Range

The Evolution range is made by Pergo, the original Belgian manufacturer that first invented laminates over 40 years ago. Today, their products still display advanced innovation with designs that last. Their Evolution range has an AC5 grading and a residential guarantee of 20 years. As a thicker plank, they offer immense durability and mimic the natural feel of hardwood beautifully.

4. The Domestik AC3 Offers Elegant Style and Competitive Pricing

The Domestik AC3 is available in eight, stylish hues with colour co-ordinated skirtings, scotias and profiles. This is a more affordable product that is best used in residential settings and offers a guarantee of 15 years. It boasts a lightly embossed woodgrain surface that still emulates hardwood. The “Aqua Stop” core board offers a lower swell rate than regular laminates.

5. Meet Your Budget with the Noble Traditions Design

The Noble Traditions range is another competitively priced laminate flooring option with an AC4 rating. It has a square-edge profile which creates a seamless real wood visual. Choose between various shades, ranging from cooler to warmer tones, to make a statement in any room.

We are also home to a wide selection of water-resistant luxury vinyl tiles and planks, which do just as great a job of mimicking hardwood. Click here if you want to get a quote today.

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