10 Flooring Trends We’re Absolutely Loving

10 Flooring Trends We’re Absolutely Loving

If you are excited about a new remodelling project for your home or office, or flipping that property you just purchased, then you want to do it right.

Investing in flooring trends that will stand the test of time in terms of style and durability is essential. Luckily, we at Top Carpets and Floors have the scoop on the latest products that are making the most waves on the market, and we can assist you with styling tips for any kind of space.

10 Flooring Trends We’re Absolutely Loving

1. Keeping the Character – At a Fraction of the Price

Reclaimed wood is all the rage again – this time because it caters to a market that is looking for more eco-friendly, sustainable floors. People also love the authenticity of weathered and rustic wood.

Whitewashed wood is also another trend. Unfortunately, hand-scraped hardwood floors are not environmentally friendly because they use too much solid wood. High-end wood laminate products and luxury vinyl floors are a great option here because they come in an array of designs that beautifully mimic that weathered look with all its character and without the hefty price tag.

2. Going Lighter with Grey and Blonde Shades

For a while, flooring trends were leaning towards a dark and moody industrial feel. Now, we are seeing lighter shades making a comeback.

When it comes to floor hues, blondes indeed have more fun this season. Pale shades of honey and bleached wood create an airy, effortless feel throughout the home, and work well with almost any style of décor.

If you are looking for something on the cooler spectrum, light grey is here to stay too. We are also seeing greige (a mix between grey and beige) options, a versatile shade that adds flexibility when it comes to your décor and furnishings.

Lighter with Grey Floors

3. Wide Planks or Narrow Planks: It’s All Up to You

Wide-planked flooring has been one of the main trends for a while now because it not only shows more of the grain design on each plank, but it makes small spaces appear larger. For those living in smaller homes, this is an attractive feature.

Narrower planks in flooring types such as wood laminates or luxury vinyl tend to make the floor look busier and add more depth. When it comes to trending options, however, it’s all up to personal taste. Since this season emphasises creativity and individual flair, consumers seem to equally admire both options.

Wide-planked flooring

4. Stripes Are Still Around – and We Adore Them!

Stripes are a classic staple that can elongate or widen a space when applied to the floor. They also tend to hide wear and tear in high-traffic areas when strategically installed.

Stripes on staircase floors are another show-stopping installation that draws the eye to those beautiful steps. Whether you want to introduce contrasting wood laminate planks or a stripey rug to an area, clean lines always make a statement.

5. Eco-friendly Flooring Products and Brands

Flooring trends are reflecting global initiatives that push awareness of sustainable practices and the effects of consumer habits on the environment. People tend to stay away from brands that make use of toxic manufacturing materials and source these materials unethically.

6. Steal the Show with Patterned Carpets and Rugs

The last decade was filled with minimalistic trends and barren interior decor that emphasised smooth, clean lines and uncluttered sophistication. We are, thankfully, entering a phase of “anything goes” that plays with mismatched colours and patterns and expresses personal preferences better than ever.

Colourful wall-to-wall carpeting and rugs are now the focal points around which the room is furnished. Art is for the floors too and no longer just for the walls.

PAtterned rug

7. A Season of Bold Colour in Small Spaces

Gone are the days of trying to make small spaces look big with off-white and beige alone – people are realising that bright patterns and shades in flooring can work well. This is one of our favourite flooring trends because it proves that colourful interest can be added to the floor of a room where it doesn’t overwhelm the space or make it look cramped.

8. The Versatility of Carpet Tiles

Love carpeting but don’t want to invest in one wall-to-wall shade? Carpet tiles are a fun option that allows for custom designs with exciting patterns. They are durable, easy to install and break up the monotony in a room. They are also ideal for incorporating one or more shades into a space creatively with less wastage.

10 Flooring Trends We’re Absolutely Loving: Carpet Tiles

9. Colour-blocking and Geometric Patterns

Not everyone feels comfortable enough going bold with a bright wall or couch, which is why flooring trends are seeing a rise in colourful options. Colour-blocking is in-demand right now, and it takes the form of fascinating geometric shapes and contrasting shades. Carpet tiles are superb for colour-blocking and adding an eye-catching twist to regular flooring.

Geometric Patterns Flooring

10. Texture and Mixed Finishes

Whether it is plush, shaggy, rough, or natural, textures are in this season. Combine those weathered wood laminates with a natural-fibre rug or velvety cushions on the couch; it will work if done right. Neutral schemes tend to look dull and flat, so if you are seeking out a more earthy toned theme for a room, be sure to mix textures and finishes to give it some depth.

To help you find the perfect on-trend flooring option that suits both your budget and your style, contact us today or download our free Carpet, Laminate & LVT Pricing Guide today.


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