Why Vinyl is Becoming such a Popular Affordable Flooring Option

If you are looking for resilient flooring, then luxury vinyl would be your best bet. Known for its durability, inexpensiveness and low maintenance needs, vinyl has come a long way since the first few generations. With modern vinyl tiles, you can get just about any type of wooden surface look and feel. It boasts a soft and comfortable feel, and is well-suited for areas where people have to be on their feet for several hours a day.

The soft underfoot certainly reduces strain on the feet, especially in comparison with hard stone or concrete surfaces. With a variety on offer, ranging from matt to glamorous high-gloss surfaces, you have many options to work with when designing office, play or residential interiors, or make-over projects.

Top Carpets & Floors’ luxury vinyl tiles are exceptionally easy to lay the tiles in just about any direction. You can also alternate between contrasting colours for a unique look and feel. Perhaps the greatest advantage offered is the modularity of the tiles – if you need to add onto the surface area, simply place more tiles, and if one tile is damaged, replace it with another.

When it comes to economy, the elegant vinyl tiles are the best possible flooring solution. The tiles are available in the composition style, which is mostly manufactured from limestone, while the solid luxury tile is mostly vinyl. The latter is known for its realistic mimicking of the appearance of wood and other surfaces.


The tiles consist of various layers, including the protective upper coat, a clear vinyl layer, the printed design and the backing – all adding to durability, soft underfoot, and an elegant look and feel.


Vinyl flooring is suitable for installation in areas where high volumes of traffic are expected and where you need surfaces that can withstand occasional bumps. It should also be able to handle daily punishment, such as from kitchens, the laundry room, children’s playrooms, nursery schools, living spaces, bathrooms and public spaces.

With the high-end luxury vinyl tiles also available, it is even possible to install the flooring solutions in the study, lounge or dining room. Vinyl flooring is even suitable for homes where pets live indoors, because of the underlay which provides for comfortable walking and living spaces for the fury friends.


Cleaning is easy! Simply dust or sweep the surface regularly to keep it free from dust and debris. You can also vacuum the surface. Use a damp cloth or mop to wipe down and clean the surface once a week, ensuring that it will keep its beauty for longer. You can on occasion apply polish, but you don’t need to wax the surface.

After years in the industry, we know what works, and vinyl is definitely a good choice if you are looking for a flooring option that is affordable, yet elegant and durable. However, should you require more information to see exactly why it is that vinyl is making such a comeback, we suggest that you visit your nearest Top Carpets & Floors branch.

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