Blinds: Your KZN Home’s New “Wow” Factor

Have you noticed the big impact window dressing has on the first impression of a home or office? Heavy curtains which are drawn shut will create a totally different feel than gorgeous pastel-coloured blinds which are adjusted to give you a breathtaking view of the KZN coastline, right?

Their ability to make a room look completely different, modern and stylish is just one of the reasons why blinds are the window dressing of choice for our KZN customers. The last thing you want is to hide the beauty of KZN behind heavy curtains if your home is blessed with sweeping views.

Here are some more points to ponder if you are considering blinds as your home’s “wow” factor:

  • When you begin to shop around, you will soon learn that there are many variations of blinds to choose from. Choose from aluminium, roller, motorised, shutters, vertical or wooden Venetian blinds. Each has its own unique features and benefits.
  • We always recommend the help from an expert, especially if you are a first-time buyer. People tend to think that it is easy to choose and install blinds. But, to the contrary, it is not quite that simple. Apart from the different types of textures, fabrics and designs, you also need to keep in mind in which room or area the blinds will be installed and the shape of the window.
  • As for the installation, this is best left to a professional if you really want to achieve that wow factor in your home or office. It may seem easy enough to measure up the windows you have in mind, but you could find some are odd shapes. Also, have you considered exactly what you want the blind to show and not show, in terms of the window frame? These are all small considerations which can be tricky. With a professional by your side, your blinds will be up and ready to be enjoyed in no time at all.
  • South Africa has stunning weather. Take the KZN coast for example – gorgeous summers and mild winters. With blinds, you can invite the weather indoors at any time or simply shut it out. One of the best benefits is you can roll them up completely during the day and let the sun stream in and then shut them completely in the late afternoon to keep that radiant heat inside. It is good for your electricity bill too.
  • Even in humid climates (again, like KZN), you need not worry about a build-up on blinds which needs specialised cleaning. Low maintenance is the key here and for most variations, a simple solution of warm water and soap and a gentle wipe will do the trick.
  • Motorised blinds will make your life so much easier. These blinds are the ultimate in style and convenience, which are two highly sought-after benefits of blinds.

Step into the wonderful world of blinds with us. Contact your nearest Designer Blinds, a division of Top Carpets and Floors branch in KZN and one of our professionals will help you find the right blinds for your particular requirements.

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