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10 Modern Flooring Solutions You Need to Know About

We take a look at some of 2023’s most exciting and influential trends, and how to incorporate them into your home this season using our modern flooring range. Modern flooring emphasises innovation that meets a practical need – without compromising on aesthetics. If you are seeking options that are relevant and sure to make every room in your home pop, then keep reading.

Modern Flooring is All About Your Needs

Modern homeowners have unique flooring requirements. Shopping with Top Carpets and Floors means partnering with a nationwide, reliable supplier who carefully selects superior, trusted brands that meet these requirements. Whether you need a revamp that is affordable, waterproof, durable or just easy to replace once you are tired of it, our range has fantastic options for you. Below, we explore 10 solutions that are relevant to 2023.

1. Herringbone for a Cosy Home

Herringbone flooring is one kind of parquet pattern that became quite big in 2022 – even though it has been around for years. In the pattern, smaller rectangular planks are laid out to resemble a line of arrows to give off a classic look, and with 2022’s embracing of all things rustic, vintage and “cottagecore”, herringbone is once again adored.

2. Bringing the Outdoors In

Since the global pandemic, a growing trend of houseplant aficionados took off, and many homeowners began to incorporate a more outdoorsy, plant-scaping feel into their homes. This offered a calming atmosphere that was helpful during strict lockdown periods but has now become a staple aesthetic for many people. This also means the emergence of bringing outdoor flooring, such as artificial grass, into small spaces within the home, like courtyards, playrooms and braai rooms.

3. Making Sustainable Modern Flooring Choices

Flooring trends will always reflect how consumers feel about the world, and for the next several years at least, we can expect a boom in more sustainable flooring options. This means steering clear of solid wood planks or synthetic floors that give off harmful toxins and contribute to pollution. Fortunately, there are several affordable and eco-friendly alternatives available that give products such as hardwood a run for their money.

4. Plain Brown is Flat – Antique is Back

No matter how some trends gravitate toward the soft and ethereal interior design look, there will always be homeowners who have a strong appreciation for darker, bolder hues. Flat browns, greys, and blacks without depth, however, are out this season. We are now seeing a more luxurious antique look emerging again. This includes flooring with finishes that seem to meld several hues, creating an inviting softness without losing any maturity or sophistication. Even carpeting now comes in glorious, rich shades that add nuance and opulence.

5. The World is Finally Catching Up to Vinyl

When vinyl flooring first emerged on the market, it was considered the flooring of the future. Now, decades later, it is still one of the most modern flooring options as it continually adapts to consumer needs. Whatever look you’re seeking, vinyl can offer it. It’s also incredibly resistant to water and wear, which means you can add a touch of luxury to areas in your home such as home gyms, braai areas, bathrooms and even sculleries.

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6. Matte Floors and More Natural Finishes

2023 trends are all about rest, relaxation and feeling great. For many people, nature is always the best place to unwind as it has such positive effects on one’s emotions and mental health. Matte finishes, as opposed to the high-gloss sheen of floors in years past, seem to be trending along with other kinds of floors that offer natural finishes. For carpets, natural fibres such as wool are also trending.

7. 2023 is the Year of Texture and Tactile Appeal

Cosy and wistful rooms that draw inspiration from the above-mentioned cottagecore aesthetic are popular this season, and along with this goes texture and feel. While it’s possible to add loads of texture when it comes to décor and furnishings, flooring with a warmer, reclaimed-wood feel is a great idea. Wood laminates, engineered wood and even embossed luxury vinyl planks suit this look well.

8. The Marble and Onyx Effect is Back and Much More Affordable

Marble disappeared for a while, but it has made a comeback in rooms such as home offices, kitchens and bathrooms. While such tiling is very costly, you can create the same look in your home with more affordable products such as SPCs (stone plastic composites).

9. Checkerboard Patterns Alongside Modern Hues

Checkerboard floors have been around for a long time, but though they were once considered quite traditional, they are now restyled with a modern twist. The look can be achieved with luxury vinyl tiles, SPCs, and even carpet tiles – but they don’t have to be in black and white. You can alternate two different shades of the same design to create a seamless contrast that breathes life into the room.

10. A Greater Focus on Recreational Rooms

Recreational spaces such as gaming rooms, braai rooms, home studios, at-home cinemas or even home gyms have all been prioritised since people found themselves spending more time at home during the pandemic. Now, these spaces offer respite and relaxation, and the right floors will add to the feeling of escape. Think about plush, comfy carpeting or other options that are comfortable underfoot and easily maintained.

For more ideas on how to style your home with modern flooring options in 2023, contact us today.

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