Rugs for Your Lounge

5 Ways with Rugs that Can Spruce Up Your Space

If you want to add a special touch to your home by introducing a rug or two, we help you with some ideas for stylish ways with rugs that make a statement. Just as your décor and furnishings speak to your level of taste, so too do your floors. An easy way to incorporate seasonal trends and update your home’s aesthetic from time to time is to use area rugs to create a brand-new look. If you are new to the art of furnishing your home, we offer tips on ways with rugs that are sure to look spectacular.

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Who doesn’t adore a beautiful rug? They have been around for centuries, and they are found across cultures. From royalty to middle-class homes, people understand that carpets and rugs elevate the creativity of a room. They ground a room’s contents by anchoring furniture and décor. There are a few considerations to keep in mind when buying rugs, such as the size and maintenance required, and we can assist you with this information. Whether you plan on purchasing a mat or you are just looking to find ideas on ways with rugs, Top Carpets and Floors is your one-stop shop.

1. Add Colours and Fun Designs to a Room

No matter if you are seeking large area rugs or smaller accent rugs, you are probably going after a specific look. On the current market, you will find thousands of stunning options that come in various shapes, sizes, colours, prints, qualities, and patterns. If your lounge, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom feels drab or boring, adding the right rug is an instant solution that can transform the look of the space. Within our range, you can go bold and bright or tame a busy room with something a little softer and more neutral.

2. Section Off Smaller Areas in a Room

Styling an open-plan space is a challenge. When there is no natural distinction between two spaces, rugs can create a clear division that gives the room purpose. There are ways with rugs that one can define functional spaces, like separating a lounge and dining area. You can also use them to create natural walkways through an open-plan layout, which creates harmony and a better aesthetic flow.

3. Don’t Neglect Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Some people feel hesitant about introducing smaller mats and rugs to kitchens and bathrooms, but there are plenty of moisture-resistant options on the market. If your rug does happen to get some water or a food spill on it, it is very easy to spot clean where needed and then hang it outside to dry. Flooring for kitchens and bathrooms tends to be on the more practical side, but there is no reason why you can’t add a touch of luxury to these areas too. Always ensure that rugs are not too small or thick to become a tripping hazard.


4. Warm Up a Room or Cool it Down

Rugs can be used to warm a room up or give it a cooler feel – both aesthetically and in terms of temperature. A living room or bedroom that gets cold in the winter is instantly warmed up with the addition of a plush rug. A warm shade like a deep brown or red also adds to a cosy, toasty atmosphere. If your home gets quite hot in the summer and you are looking to remove your carpeting to cool it down, you can use rugs instead and give the area a light and breezy feel by opting for colours on the cooler spectrum like blue-grey.

5. Use Them in Unexpected Spaces

Rugs are not just for floors indoors. You can get creative and hang a beautiful rug on a wall, introduce them outdoors to patios and balconies or use narrow runners on long dining tables. Some even hang a rug in the place of a headboard or use it under a pet bed to add a special touch to the room.

Rugs Do Much More than Just Look Great

As seen above, there are plenty of ways with rugs because it is a versatile product that is easy to style. The benefits of area rugs extend far beyond aesthetic appeal, however. They offer functional advantages that add practical value to your home in various ways, such as:

  • You can move your rug around as much as you like. It’s not a fixed flooring option that cannot be relocated, so you can move it to any space or room of the home as you see fit. It’s also easy to roll up when it’s time to clean your floors, and unroll it again when the spring cleaning is done. Rugs can also be switched easily, meaning you do not have to commit to the same style for years.
  • You can protect your current floors from scratches and scuff marks. This is especially useful if you have children or pets who are active in areas like the lounge or hallways. Stair tread rugs are also used to prevent slips and falls.
  • Adding a rug or two to a room will improve the acoustics of the space because they absorb sounds that would normally bounce off hard surfaces. They also soften footsteps, which can be loud in homes with hardwood flooring.

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