7 Pet-friendly Flooring Options Every Homeowner Should Consider

May 17, 2023

Creating a comfortable and safe environment for your pets is of the utmost importance. We can assist you in finding pet-friendly flooring for your peace of mind. The right kind of floor provides practical solutions for dealing with those everyday issues that many pet owners face, like accidents, scratches, and dirt tracked into the home. If you are looking to redo your floors or if you want your home to better accommodate your four-pawed family member, pet-friendly flooring is essential.

1. Pet-friendly Floors for Creatures of Comfort

While there are several factors to think about, one of the most important is how cosy your floors are. Just like humans, dogs, cats, and even smaller critters like guinea pigs love a cosy nap on a soft surface. If your pets spend a lot of time indoors, something soft and plush like carpeting or an area rug is a nice addition to their preferred spot. Older pets or those with painful joints will also enjoy something underfoot that absorbs the impact while they walk.

2. Scratch-resistant Options for Paws and Claws

Pets with long nails, like dogs or even birds and rodents that spend time on the floor, may end up scratching some surfaces. Hardwood is especially prone to scratches over time, and since pets are usually creatures of habit, the same spot may suffer damage over and over again. Scratch-resistant floors include luxury vinyl tiles that feature a wear layer which is incredibly durable and can endure a home with a few pets. If possible, however, it is always best to keep your dog’s nails trimmed so that you reduce as much wear on the floors as possible.

3. Waterproof Flooring to Prevent Moisture Damage

Whether you have children or pets, moisture-related accidents will be a part of your life. Some issues to consider include puppies who need to be house-trained, older pets who accidentally soil themselves, wet dogs who sneak into the house after a bath or dip in the pool, or even a mischievous cat who knocks over a glass of water. If you don’t get to this moisture in time, it could seep into your floorboards and cause water damage that is hard to undo. Moisture-resistant pet-friendly flooring is always a great idea.

4. Low-maintenance Floors for Easy Cleaning

If your fur kids are busy bodies that love to spend time outdoors and play rough, or if they shed several times a year, then low-maintenance flooring is a top priority for you. You want something quick and easy to clean, and won’t require special chemicals for upkeep, as these may be toxic to your pets. Pet dander is another challenge for some households in which members of a family may face allergies. Solid floors that do not trap hair and dander are easy to sweep and vacuum. It’s also a good idea to opt for floors that are a contrasting shade to your pet’s fur (such as darker floors if you have a white cat) to help you spot any fur or dander easily if you are trying to keep allergies to a minimum.

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5. Stain Resistance that Keeps Your Floors Looking Superb

The last thing any pet owner wants is a urine stain that just won’t go away. Pet-friendly flooring is usually resistant to stubborn stains, which means that even if an accident does happen, you won’t stare at an unsightly spot for years to come. It is important, however, that any accidents you may notice are cleaned up swiftly to reduce the chances of permanent stains or odours.

6. An Outdoor Space that Lasts Years

If you are looking for a hygienic, safe and comfortable option for your dog’s play or exercise area, artificial grass is a superb choice. Not only does synthetic turf last for years (even if your furry friend is a digger), but it is also very easy to rinse off any soiling. There are other benefits to artificial grass as well, such as the fact that it always remains a plush green shade no matter the season, and it will never require watering or mowing to keep it looking great.

7. Anti-slip Floors to Prevent Painful Injuries

Traction is essential when it comes to pet-friendly flooring. When a floor’s surface is too smooth, your pet will have to work harder to maintain their grip while walking, running or playing, which can put a strain on their hips and other parts of their bodies. While it may be cute to see your puppy or kitten sliding to a halt, this may cause problems for them over time. Floors with anti-slip properties that offer more underfoot grip will prevent falls and musculoskeletal injuries in the long run.

Other Factors to Consider

Depending on your pet and your household needs, there may be other aspects of pet-friendly flooring to think about too. One draw for many owners is sound-insulating floors that absorb the noise in a room, whether it be the click-clack of nails or those loud barks that tend to bounce off the walls.

We at Top Carpets and Floors are animal lovers too, and we understand that homeowners (and their pets) are seeking pet-friendly flooring. For more information, contact us today.

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