Reasons to Install Artificial Grass

5 Convincing Reasons to Install Artificial Grass

You may have noticed one or more homes with pristine lawn spaces amidst the drought season. Want to know how it is possible even with water restrictions firmly in place? Well, besides property owners who have used special irrigation systems to keep their lawns in tip-top and lush-green appearance, there is an environmentally friendly and water-wise solution that is fast gaining ground, if you’ll excuse the pun. Artificial grass installation is the remarkably easy way to have a green, well-manicured lawn, even at the height of the dry season.

Consider these five reasons to do away with water-intensive methods of gardening and create a landscape that will make the golf or bowling club members green with envy.

1. No More Mowing

Forget about edge trimming, keeping the lawn free from weeds and having to give it a precision cut every week. Artificial grass installation eliminates the need to mow, irrigate excessively, or trim the lawn edges. Gone are the days of the lawn slowly creeping onto the paved area. Wave farewell to the lawnmower and the edge trimmer and say hello to having a lawn that stays the perfect length, even when you are on holiday. This is an added benefit as lurking criminals won’t be able to spot that you are on vacation because of the lawn not being mowed for a week or two.

2. Say Hello to Hassle-Free Maintenance

Maintenance could not be easier than hosing it down once a week to remove debris. If you don’t have pets and don’t reside in a windy area where sand and plant matter can make its way onto the lawn, then maintenance is even easier. A simple sweep will suffice to keep it well-manicured. Once a year, a professional cleaning can go a long way in keeping the artificial grass looking as spotless as on the day of installation.

3. Become the Proud Owner of Great Looking Lawn Throughout the Year

When the neighbours have to pay more on their water accounts during the winter months to keep their lawns green, you save money on water and electricity. Not even the molls can disturb the immaculate appearance of the lawn. Artificial grass installation is your answer to an evergreen space, regardless of the season and rainfall in your area.

4. Impress with “As Realistic as it Gets” Lawn

The artificial grass installation of old had one problem, namely perfection. Why was it an issue? Natural grass has some imperfection and people generally don’t want their lawn to look like a carpet. They want the same feel and appearance, but not the water thirst and maintenance of the real deal. Fortunately, technology has advanced considerably over the years.

Today, the manufacturers are able to add a bit of yellow, some curl, and a few shades, giving the artificial grass an appearance so real it is difficult to distinguish it from natural grass. This is especially true on the high-end ranges that have slightly longer shafts and sufficient bounce to create the perfect, natural-looking lawn.

5. Get a Solution that Works Where Natural Grass Fails

Shaded areas, gardens in dry regions such as on the West Coast, balconies, rooftop spaces, courtyards, and kids’ play areas are well-suited to artificial grass installation. It can be heart wrenching for the gardener to put in so much effort to get the lawn to take under a large tree, but with artificial grass installation, all the hard work becomes a distant memory.

Did we forget to mention affordable, low maintenance costs and quality beyond imagination? Discover even more benefits by getting in touch for a quote on artificial grass installation to meet your needs.

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