Does Your Little Place in the Sun Need a Flooring Makeover?

Just about everything about Cape Town is awe-inspiring – it is one of the reasons why many people relocate to Cape Town. They are simply floored by the beauty of the place. If you are a Cape Town homeowner, you may be considering doing a home revamp this year. And what better place to start than by giving your flooring a makeover?

Many of our customers, whether in Cape Town or elsewhere, tell us that they are inspired by the beautiful flooring we offer, but they feel slightly overwhelmed when they have to decide which flooring will be right for their home.

Well, if you want to give your home a fresh look with new flooring, popping into a branch of Top Carpets and Floors is a wise first step. Expert advice is what you need when looking at flooring options.

Our Cape Town customers continue to love vinyl, and luxury vinyl tiles or vinyl sheeting. These flooring solutions are so comfortable and quiet underfoot. Better still, they are great value for money too. For beach houses, vinyl is a superb choice because of its water-resistant qualities.

Then there is the matter of foot traffic – something that vinyl loves. If you own a house in Cape Town, you are bound to be inundated with guests all year long. Vinyl flooring is built for busy homes. It stands up well to the antics of young children, and the nails of your furry four-legged friends will not damage the flooring. You certainly will not be spending a huge amount of time cleaning your flooring either. Vinyl flooring is a breeze to clean and maintain.

Top Carpets and Floors also stocks a wide range of laminate flooring. This flooring is so popular because you can get the look and feel of genuine hardwood flooring with laminates, at a fraction of the cost (so if you are not in Cape Town yet, the money you save on your flooring can go towards your move!).

Next time you visit Cape Town, have a look at the entrances to many of the elegant hotels, and take note of the flooring in guest houses and restaurants – laminate is a winner in these environments. Laminate flooring is affordable, easy to maintain and beautifully elegant, which is why it remains one of our best sellers.

The ability of laminates to mimic hardwoods so well, combined with its protective qualities that resist fading, abrasions and stains, make it the perfect choice for patios at graceful residences with sweeping views of one of the many gorgeous beaches in Cape Town.

Carpeting should not be neglected as an option when you are shopping for flooring. The right carpet can make a bold statement, and totally change the way your home looks and feels. Carpeting can be wonderfully luxurious underfoot and is a real treat in bedrooms and living rooms, where families love to kick their shoes off and relax.

Take the stress out of choosing the right floor for your needs by allowing us to help give your home the makeover it deserves!

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