10 Questions to Ask About Your Flooring Solutions Quote

Avoid unpleasant surprises by being prepared. How do you prepare? Ask the right questions about your flooring quote. The answers will help you to make an informed decision and make the comparison of product and installation price estimates easier. Below are the ten questions to ask.

1. What Is the Quality of the Flooring Solution?

Naturally, pricing is one of the first considerations when you request a flooring quote. But after you have received a quote from the salespeople, you need to compare the product’s quality with similar products. If you requested a price on Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVTs) and the price looks too cheap to be true, then either the product quality is low-grade or there is a mistake in the quote.

Ask whether the low price is because the product is on promotion or whether it is end-of-line. If you buy end-of-line make sure the supplier provides additional material for future repairs and replacement. Buy only from a supplier that provides quality products from trusted brands.

2. What Is the Flooring Solution’s Performance Grade?

For example, wood laminates have an international grading system. The laminates are graded according to their performance in residential and commercial settings. A non-graded product means the particular laminate doesn’t meet any of the requirements to be rated, including stain, scuff, impact, moisture and scratch resistance. Stay clear of these products.

Purchase only AC3, AC4 or AC5 rated laminates. The eco-friendly Legacy wood laminate flooring is AC3 rated. It is a 4-sided V-groove floor surface that’s suitable for installation anywhere in your house, and it can be installed in small office or boutique hotel settings. Legacy commercial applicable for heavy-traffic residential and commercial settings where moderate traffic can be expected. For instance, it can be installed in busy offices and coffee shops.

3. What is the Product’s Longevity?

Some flooring solutions have shorter lifespans. You cannot compare the longevity of LVTs with that of carpets or another type of flooring solution such as hardwood floors. You must compare the longevity of the same type of floor covering unless you want to choose between floor solutions ranging from LVTs and wood laminates to carpets. The product warranty provides an indication of the lifespan expectancy for the particular flooring solution.

Wood laminates and LVTs have lifespans of 5 to 25 years, depending on the product you choose. Enquire about the longevity of the particular product. Keep in mind that maintenance, traffic, UV exposure, moisture, temperature and humidity factors affect the lifespan of a floor.

A moderate carpet can be expected to last from 5 to 15 years, with a top of the range selection having a lifespan of up to 25 years. The Designer Collection Forever Tweed is an example of a cost-effective and durable carpet for commercial settings.

flooring solutions bedroom

4. What Level of Care Is Needed?

Carpets require regular vacuuming and at least once a year steam cleaning. LVTs and wood laminates don’t have fibre to collect or trap dirt. Keeping these floor surfaces neat and in tip-top shape requires little more than daily sweeping and once a week damp cloth or mop cleaning. If you have pets, then you will want to know how stain resistant the floor solution is compared with similar types. Make the comparison task easier with this comparison table to help you see which flooring solutions require the least maintenance.

5. Does the Flooring Quote Include the Underlay?

Does the flooring quote include the price for the underlay? What type of underlay is it?  Does the carpet, LVT or wood laminate manufacturer recommend a particular type or brand underlay? What is the thickness and density of the underlay? The underlay is just as important as the floor covering. Don’t skimp on it for the sake of affordability.

Let’s talk flooring….Click to Request a quote and one of our carpet and flooring experts will give you a call back within 24hrs.

6. Preparation

Is it necessary to prepare the floor for installation? If so, is it included in the flooring quote? If not included, can the floor surface supplier handle the prep work? How long before installation must you prepare the sub-floor? Keep in mind that LVTs and laminates must acclimatise in the room where the installation will take place for at least 48 hours.

7. Installation

Does the quote include installation? Which factors affect the installation price? How do factors such as stairs, location, built-in furniture, humidity factor and sub-floor affect the installation quote? Can the supplier install it in your area? Is there is a surcharge for outlying areas? Does your location fall within a metropolitan or outlying area? Does the company offer an installation guarantee? Get a quote on professional installation here.

8. Where Is the Nearest Store?

If you want to view a sample of the product after having received an online quote, can you visit the showroom of the supplier? Is there a store near you? Find a flooring solution store near you now.

9. Guarantees

Which guarantees are included for the particular product? What does the installation guarantee cover and for how long is it valid? Does it cover domestic or commercial installation? What voids the guarantee? Who covers the product guarantee? What if the installation is handled by a third-party? Learn more about the types of guarantees forming part of flooring solution quotes before you make a final decision.

10. For How Long Is the Flooring Solution’s Quote Valid?

You may want to compare flooring quotes before you make a final decision. Ask for how long the quote is valid and what procedure to follow for extending it.

What’s Next?

Find out how much it will cost for luxury vinyl, wood laminate, or carpet flooring. Click here to get your flooring quote today.

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