Luxury Wood Vinyl Flooring

December 17, 2020

5 Reasons Why Luxury Wood Vinyl Flooring is So Popular in South Africa

Affordability and elegance are two important considerations for homeowners in South Africa. Quality, ease of installation, and low cost of maintenance are more reasons for the popularity of wood lookalike vinyl flooring. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Read on to discover the amazing benefits of wood lookalike vinyl flooring, helping you understand why it is so popular in South Africa.

1. Fashionable Beyond Imagination

Floor design trends hold for several years at a time, and the wood lookalike vinyl flooring trend is still in its infancy stages in South Africa. With that said, you know that if you select quality luxury vinyl flooring for your home, office, or retail space, you can expect the interior to stay in vogue for at least another two decades. Interior designers love the versatility while homeowners appreciate the luxury, warm ambience, feeling of opulence, and the long-lasting beauty of this type of floor. If ever there has been a truly long-lasting alternative floor solution for hardwood floors in South Africa, then it is wood lookalike vinyl flooring.

2. Affordable Without Compromising on Quality

Cheap and affordable are two different concepts. Go cheap and compromise on quality or opt for affordable vinyl flooring that gives you all the magnificence of hardwood floors without the hefty price tag and difficulties of installation and maintenance. This floor option is durable and not vulnerable to cracking, rotting, and loss of integrity. It can be installed in houses on the South African coast where hardwood floors often have very short lifespans. For a fraction of the cost associated with genuine hardwood floors in South Africa, you can have luxurious, vinyl flooring.

3. Quick Installation for Maximum Convenience

Tile installation can take several days, and this is true for genuine hardwood floors as well. Wood lookalike vinyl flooring can be installed in a day. With the installation costs lower than with hardwood floors or tiles, you also save time. This alone is a great reason why you should opt for the flooring solution ideally suited to both our lifestyles and the South African climate.

4. Low Maintenance

Luxury vinyl flooring requires virtually no maintenance. Forget about having to vacuum the surface daily or washing and polishing it every other day to keep it clean. With no grout (as is the case with tiles), dirt and grime have no place to hide. Maintaining the magnificence of this type of floor is as easy as a hassle-free vacuum once a week and sweeping throughout. Should a spill occur, use a cloth to dry it up. It is the perfect solution for the pet owner as the animal hairs don’t end up in between pieces. If you have small kids, then you know that an ice cream cone is attracted to the floor. It is a given, spills occur in South African family homes. The secret to keeping the floor surface in immaculate condition is to choose luxury vinyl flooring that is easy to clean and maintain.

5. Improve Health and Hygiene

With the recent virus pandemic across the globe, the need for sanitised environments has been highlighted. Start with a healthier living environment by choosing the luxury vinyl flooring available from Top Carpets and Floors in South Africa. Dirt and grime have no place to be trapped, and with our Healthier Living Installations, the floor surface is prepared before installation to remove microbes on the surface. This means that you start out with a perfectly hygienic and allergen-free living environment.

Discover our extensive range of wood lookalike vinyl flooring solutions in South Africa by browsing our product catalogues or visit one of the more than 130 stores across the country for in-store purchasing.

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