5 Reasons to Leave Flooring Anxiety to a Professional

Not all flooring projects are complicated. Some are straightforward, like laminate flooring. It is often seen as an easy type of flooring to install. However, there are some important considerations before committing to a flooring installation, even if the floor you have chosen seems like no fuss to anyone who is relatively handy around the house. Flooring adds value to your home but beware the danger of waking up in the middle of a nightmare that you ultimately need a professional to sort out.

Think these 5 things through first:


Have you installed flooring before? If not, you will have to find out about the technique and spend some time researching exactly how to tackle the flooring you have chosen. All flooring installations are different and require different techniques and tools. Take a step back, once you have done your homework, and assess whether you really have the skill to tackle the job. Even as professionals, our experts at Top Carpets & Floors sometimes encounter unexpected challenges with flooring installations.


There is always the danger that a flooring home improvement project will overrun the budget – “expect the unexpected” is not an understatement. You may think doing it yourself is the cheaper option, but be realistic about your skill level if you don’t want the headache of extra costs due to amateur mistakes.


There is nothing wrong with a laminate flooring installation being an after-work and weekend project – depending on where it is happening in the home, of course. The family won’t enjoy the inconvenience of not being able to use the kitchen, for example, if the flooring installation is half done and remains so for weeks on end. Be realistic about the time you have available to commit to the job. If you are going to be put under pressure to complete it, you will probably become frustrated and all the enjoyment of the project will be lost. Also, if you are still grappling with the technique, small mistakes can creep in… at a big cost.

Getting ready

The area where the floor is to be installed will need to be prepared and this can involve pulling up carpeting and backing, or baseboards and thresholds. You will need certain tools to do this. The sub-floor then needs to be cleaned and prepared. You will have to also consider the disposal of the old flooring and ensure you have a plan in place to dispose of it responsibly. Prepping the area for the installation is also quite hard, manual work. Professionals are accustomed to doing this and, working as a team, will conquer the prep side of things in no time and install the floor quickly. They will have come prepared with all the right tools and other elements necessary for a successful installation.

Odds and ends

If the room is a simple shape, a flooring installation won’t offer up too many challenges. But, rooms can be oddly shaped. With flooring installations, you also have to contend with cupboards, fireplaces, and doorways. Flooring professionals in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, such as Top Carpets & Floors, have all the necessary tools to contend with such difficulties and will immediately know how to overcome any hindrances, avoiding any delays to the installation being completed.

Be sure to call on our professionals today to help you install your laminated floors.

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