Lawns: Faking It Is Good for the Environment

November 20, 2017

The world is fragile and life sources like water are growing scarcer and more valuable each day. Synthetic grass is a good example of an eco-friendly imitation product. Mother Nature’s version is thirsty and requires a lot of maintenance, so be the eco hero of your neighbourhood by switching to the manmade version of grass.

Here are 7 Benefits of Synthetic Grass

No watering

You do not have to water a synthetic lawn. Severe water restrictions have been imposed on several regions of the country this year, and many homeowners had to stand by and watch as their gardens and lawns died before their eyes. Although water restrictions have been relaxed in most provinces, we still need to be mindful of water consumption. By switching to synthetic grass, you drastically reduce your garden irrigation account. In fact, the maintenance of synthetic grass is minimal.

No emissions

Lawns need to be cut and lawnmowers emit harmful pollutants. Also, petrol is expensive, so it makes more environmental and economic sense to invest in synthetic grass. You may think the environmental impact of mowing your lawn is minimal, but research indicates that spending an hour mowing the lawn may cause as much pollution as a 160km car trip!

No chemicals

Everyone wants a beautiful green lawn and neighbours even compete with each other for the finest lawn. The summer air in Gauteng is often heavy with the smell of fresh manure or other natural lawn dressings which, while they reek to the high heavens, are at least eco-friendly options. However, lawn fertilisers are not, and these are widely used. They contain chemicals that are dangerous to animals and humans and contribute to runoff that pollute natural waterways. A synthetic lawn does not require fertiliser or any other dressing. It will remain as gorgeously rich and vibrant as the day you installed it, for years to come.

No bare bits

Synthetic grass loves shade as much as it does sun. Say goodbye to the frustration of trying to cover up ugly bare patches of your garden and say hello to lush, green lawn throughout the garden, year-round!

No garden?

Turn bare, concrete spaces into comfortable relaxation areas with synthetic lawn. With synthetic grass, you can easily turn a balcony, office rooftop, or play area into a beautiful space. Grass cannot grow on concrete, but you can install synthetic grass with an underlay to create a wonderfully inviting outdoor area.

No shedding

During the Gauteng winter, dry grass is a given, and both pets and people constantly shed it in the house. Consider this a thing of the past with synthetic grass. Your pets will love synthetic grass for its softness; besides, it will keep them tick- and flea-free too!

No problem

With professional assistance, you can turn any area in your garden or on your property into something unique with synthetic grass. Synthetic grass even comes in a variety of colours, so there is no need to be boring. If you choose to keep certain areas of natural grass, we promise your neighbours will find it very hard to tell which is real and which is synthetic.

Call Top Carpets & Floors today to explore the wonders of synthetic grass.

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