Love Luxury, Love Laminate

November 28, 2017

There are many ways to rejuvenate your home, whether it is the oldest on the block or newly built. Nothing transforms living spaces into luxury spaces quite like laminate flooring. Top Carpets & Floors is a stockist of luxury Swiss flooring brands, like Kronoswiss and Traviata, which are very popular with our commercial and residential customers.

Just one of the reasons laminate flooring is a popular home-improver is that it elevates the ordinary living space to something extraordinary. It is also a favourite with interior designers, architects, and developers, because it always delivers a chic, stylish result that wows customers time and again, whether in a residential or commercial application.

With luxury laminate flooring, such as the Swiss ranges we stock, these can create unique interiors, whether this be an antique or rustic look and feel or an ultra-modern, sleek effect. Choose to replicate almost any natural wood (cherry, teak, birch, oak, or mahogany, for example) and look forward to a dazzling result which, we must mention, does not place any additional pressure on the environment!

We love luxury Swiss flooring for its moisture-resistant and eco-friendly qualities. These laminated floors are highly resilient and durable. They offer high impact resistance and are made in an environmentally friendly manufacturing facility. Many people think water-resistant flooring belongs only in the bathroom or kitchen. Yes, these are definitely typical areas for laminate flooring, but why not install water-resistant flooring throughout the house?

We believe that this is a good way to make provision for the unforeseen, for example, a window left open in a storm while you are not at home, or roof leaks caused by heavy rain. Floors that are not water-resistant can suffer tremendous damage, and if you are not adequately insured, it will cost you an arm and a leg to fix. Water-resistant laminate flooring offers a good return on investment, as opposed to flooring that may not be exposed to moisture at all.

Many customers enquire about cleaning methods when it comes to laminate flooring. Most laminates handle moisture well, but we still advise using only laminate-friendly cleaning methods and products, and minimal water. But with water-resistant flooring, you have a broader choice of cleaning options, because of the flooring’s resilience. Consider also that, by choosing the right flooring, you are increasing the value of your home.

Flooring is a big investment and should not be approached as a quick DIY project. Granted, laminate flooring is relatively easy to install, but this does not mean you should tackle it yourself. There are intricacies involved in its installation that need an expert hand. DIY projects also require commitment and time and these demands have been the undoing of many a flooring enthusiast. To guarantee a good return on investment – and, of course, that luxurious look you want to achieve – we advise contacting specialists to do the job.

Whether it is a living area, bedroom, playroom, or kitchen, consider luxury Swiss laminate flooring a product that your feet, family and friends will love for years to come.

We know our laminates. Contact Top Carpets & Floors for more information today.

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