Buying Artificial Grass

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Artificial Grass

Keeping your garden and outdoor spaces looking great takes time, effort and money. Not everyone can keep those rose bushes pruned and that lawn looking effortlessly green. For those who enjoy practicality and a low-maintenance solution for maintaining a vibrant, lush-looking lawn, artificial grass might be the ideal solution. If you have been considering buying synthetic turf or want to know more about this innovative product currently trending in South Africa, we answer some frequently asked questions below.

Buying Artificial Grass

1. What is Synthetic Grass and How is it Used?

Artificial grass was created back in the 1960s and instantly took off in a welcoming market. The first brand most widely associated with the product was AstroTurf, a name some people still use to refer to the product to this day. Since the invention of AstroTurf, however, countless similar products have been manufactured and the world continues buying and enjoying the advantages of a synthetic lawn decades later.

While often used for sporting arenas, it is a popular choice for residential and commercial properties looking to add a maintenance-free lawn to backyards, indoor spaces, playpens for small children, exercise pens for dogs, and even on walls.

2. Are There Any Benefits to Buying the Product?

A natural lawn, when cared for correctly, is beautiful and adds both value and curb appeal to a property. Modern lifestyles that include long work hours and endless household and social responsibilities, unfortunately, leave little time to tend to large expanses such as lawns. Some may enjoy fertilising, weeding and mowing their lawn and find lawn care a relaxing task – for others, it’s a time-consuming and frustrating chore. For those looking to bypass the maintenance required by natural yards, buying artificial grass offers benefits such as:

· It saves time and effort, which can be used on other meaningful pastimes.

· The product ensures an even, green lawn all year round no matter the season, you won’t have to deal with dry, brown and patchy grass.

· It is ideal for spots in the shade that don’t get much sun.

· The product is free of toxins and does not require harsh fertilisers and pesticides.

· It is drought-resistant, making it perfect for hotter climates and water-scarce locations.

· It levels out the surface of the ground, reducing water puddling.

· Buying it won’t break the bank. Based on how long synthetic lawns last, they are a cost-friendly investment.

3. Are There Different Kinds of Synthetic Turf?

Artificial grass is usually manufactured from three types of yarn – polyethylene, nylon or polypropylene – and each material has its own attractive features such as versatility and durability. Shoppers looking for options will also be happy to know that they can choose from a variety of colours, densities, blade heights and thatch colours.

4. How Do I Choose a Type of Product?

Choosing and buying your ideal design will depend on your needs, and while looks are important, your primary concern should be product performance. Various designs will perform differently based on whether you need a show lawn, play area for children, pet lawn, or a more well-rounded solution that can handle heavy traffic on the odd occasion it is used.

Buying Artificial Grass

5. How Long Will My Installation Last?

Artificial grass can last several years before it needs replacing – but not all products are created equal. Look at buying stellar designs that boast durability, anti-bacterial properties, and resistance to fading and fraying. Speak to your supplier about manufacturer guarantees and how long you can expect optimum performance from your installation.

6. What if I Have Pets in My Home?

Many synthetic turf products handle pets well as they are tough enough to withstand a little digging or that routine game of fetch. Cleaning up after your pet is also easy – simply pick up after your furry friend and hose down the soiled area. Artificial grass drains easily and as long as the water has somewhere to go, it will dry in no time.

7. How Much Maintenance is Required?

The biggest draw of buying a synthetic lawn is how little upkeep it requires. No daily watering, no fussing in winter, and no applying expensive fertilisers that look and smell bad – just green lawn bliss, every day of the year.

8. Is an Artificial Lawn an Eco-Friendly Option?

The argument can be made that more plants are better for the environment, but modern lawns are rarely self-sustaining. The average property owner will need to spend significant amounts of water to maintain a green yard every year. Regular mowing also uses electricity for electric lawn mowers, while fuel mowers contribute to pollution with their fumes. Then there are pesticides and other toxic chemicals often used on lawns to keep insects and unwanted critters at bay – none of which are good for the environment.

9. Are DIY Installations Possible?

Artificial lawns are do-it-yourself friendly, but it is recommended that professional installers are hired to get the most out of one’s investment.

10. Where Can I Find High-quality Designs?

We at Top Carpets and Floors are home to leading flooring solutions in the South African market, including artificial grass. Our range is versatile and suited to any application and aesthetic preference, and we guarantee phenomenal quality.

To find out more about our synthetic turf products and buying one suited to your property, contact us today.

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